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The BEST Rock Course Ever!

Here is everything you really need to master Electric Rock & Blues!

In the proud tradition of GuitarPrinciples we once again present to you THE definitive and essential Foundation Course in yet another style of guitar, one that is near and dear to all our hearts -- Electric Rock & Blues!

I have been teaching electric guitar for almost 25 years, but it was not the style of guitar I started with. As a matter of fact, I was giving classical concerts before I ever bent my first string! 

As I studied rock guitar, I realized how extremely important the idiomatic techniques of the style were. The subtlety of B.B. Kings bends, or the control and energy in Eric and Angus's vibrato: that is what made these players sound so good, and it was precisely these techniques that were so hard to develop. I had an especially difficult time with vibrato. I asked all my teachers about it, but, aside from demonstrating it, no one could break it down for me, and tell me how to get from where I was - a bad vibrato - to where they were, a nice controlled vibrato.

As the years went by I discovered many vital things that no one seems to talk about, but all the good players were doing. I also discovered that there was no systematic, comprehensive and effective course available for students, one that could really provide a solid foundation in the style. Learning rock and blues guitar was truly one of the most haphazard learning processes in the world of guitar, and it was no wonder that there was a whole lot of bad playing going on!

Most instructional materials assume a ridiculously unrealistic competency on the part of the student, teaching advanced licks and calling them "beginner" licks, as students who don't even know how to do a proper bend struggle to "get it", and unfortunately, it "gets them" instead, as they build in dangerous and debilitating habits of tension. Every practice session takes them further from their goals, and their music remains in an amateurish state.

In the many decades that have gone by, even with the incredible increase of instructional materials, I still see the same deficiencies, over and over again, in the students that come for lessons. Huge gaps in knowledge of what the Pentatonic Scale system on guitar is about, huge gaps in knowledge of how to use scales, and locate them on the neck, and how to make the licks they happen to know sound good. Most students have trouble with the basic things like bending and vibrato, and the material out there to help them is, frankly, pathetic. I have never seen anything that actually explains what vibrato really is, and how the arm/hand/finger works together to produce it. Also, I have never seen a systematic way of teaching the arm/hand/finger to do a good vibrato. In our new course, however, that is exactly what you will see, and much, much more!

This is the most complete course in Rock & Blues Electric Guitar ever created. There is nothing remotely close to it, and in fact, that is why it was created! Here is your chance to get what you really need to get good, and keep getting better, on electric guitar in Rock & Blues. Here is a sampling of what is contained in the course...




Finally, there is a course that shows you what you REALLY need to know to be good on electric guitar....

Scales - all 5 Minor Pentatonic Scales with GOOD, sensible, and usable fingering (unlike what is found in most methods) Bending & Vibrato - The inside details on the mechanics of a good bending and vibrato, and practice routines that will enable you to master this essential skills.
Licks - THE essential licks from each scale with detailed video explanations, fingering, pick strokes, etc. Muting, Damping, and Raking - Practice routines for developing string muting, string damping, and string raking.
Theory - The music theory behind the Pentatonic Scales. You will understand why certain notes get bent, why certain notes sound bluesy and good, and how to use each note of the scale in a musical way. NO NOTE READING NECESSARY! Solos - A solo for each scale, illustrating the use of each lick, PLUS audio and video, FAST and SLOW with detailed verbal explanations and visual demonstrations of not just what the licks look and sound like, but how to train your fingers to do it too!
Technique - All you need to know about the micro-details of finger action when playing Pentatonic Scales & Licks. This information is NEVER given in existing instructional materials. You will learn Proper Hand & Finger Positions for all situations, as well as the details of Finger Movement in scales and licks.


article 1
2 Bends In A Row On Electric Guitar
We will very often see two bends come one after another in a solo..What is missing in the notation is any indication that there is a VERY quick downward motion that must take place.
>
article 2
Minor Pentatonic #3-Hitting the Sweet Spot!
Here a some very cool moves to know from the Minor Pentatonic Scale # 3 on guitar. Expand your knowledge beyond Scale 1 & 2!
>
article 3
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath, featuring the guitar work of Tony Iommi is a great beginner song for the aspiring rocker. It is relatively easy to play, and a good intro to "power chords".
>
article 4
Fast Shifts On Electric Guitar
Making fast shifts on electric guitar can be difficult unless you do things a certain way. One of the very important things to do is to prepare fingers on strings before you make the shift.
>
article 5
Over the Hills and Far Away - with The Principles
Over The Hills & Far Away: Here we take a close look at how to train your fingers to play this Zep classic. Learn powerful methods for practicing hammers and pulls, which are used extensively.
>
article 6
The Minor Pentatonic Scale for Guitar - How To Do It Correctly!
Guitar students learning the minor pentatonic scale, or blues/rock scale off the internet often get it very wrong - because it is given to them very wrong. Here are the right fingers to use.
>
article 7
Minor Pentatonic Scale #2- How To Play It Correctly
The 2nd position of the minor pentatonic scale on guitar should be learned the way it is used - in connection to Scale 1. Here I give you details of fingering and movement.
>
article 8
Blues Shuffle with b7 Added
Adding the flat 7 to a shuffle pattern on gui adds a nice bluesy sound. But since it requires the use of the 4th finger, lots of guitar players have trouble with this. Here is what you need to know...
>
article 9
How To Nail a Rock Solo
Many guitar students get a tab and take a shot at their favorite rock solo. Few know how to actually make it sound like the original. Here's how...........
>
article 10
Don't Fear The Reaper - Intro
Here I show you some very powerful secrets of guitar technique that make playing this fun opening riff easy to play! They are the "heavy arm", and "continuous contact".
>
article 11
String Muting & Damping
String muting means preventing certain strings from sounding while we play other strings. This is an essential technique on electric guitar.
>
article 12
The Bend-Release-Pull Off On Electric Guitar
Doing a bend followed by a pull off is a fundamental technique found in all rock solos (notably in "Stairway To Heaven"), yet many guitar students have not learned to do it properly with a good sound.
>
article 13
Don't Lift Those Fingers On Scales!
Letting the fingers lift high from the strings of the guitar can cause major playing problems...especially on scales. Here is what to do about it.
>
article 14
Solving A Common Bending Problem On Electric Guitar
Students will often make mistakes in the middle of a guitar lick because of right hand trouble due to a left hand bend. The effort of bending causes tension in the pick's what to do.
>
article 15
The Most Essential Rock Lick
This is the most important rock lick there is. It is the foundation of all other licks, yet many players can't do it well!
>
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