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Dec 27

How To Practice Guitar: The Principles Of Correct Practice

By Jamie Andreas | The Principles

How To Practice Guitar For Maximum Results: Using "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

When you know how to practice guitar correctly, you will get maximum results from every practice session. this is the key to playing favorite songs on the guitar easily, with no struggle, and always getting better!

There is a method of practicing guitar that will, step by step, train your fingers for perfect action on the guitar. It is scientific because it follows the laws of "body learning", the same laws your muscles and nerves use to learn new movements. It is called "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar". 

Virtually all existing guitar instructional material gives you content - not method. They give you notes to learn, chords to play, exercises to do. BUT, they do NOT show you how to practice this content in a way that will effectively teach your fingers to play the music! And so, you are left on your own. You have a go at it. Maybe you will get it, maybe you won't.

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