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Classcial Guitar Student? What You'd Better Know!

If you are a student of the classical guitar, ask yourself "Do I really feel comfortable playing the pieces I have learned. Do I fee like I can play them in a relaxed, polished, and musical way? Do I feel confident that I can continue to develop and learn more complex pieces, and hope to someday sound even a little bit like the players I admire?"

For most guitar students, the honest answer here would be.....No!

The reason is simple, yet profound: the real keys to good playing are never taught in the beginning of a students training. Students are given material to play that requires an already developed set of finger muscles, and the abilty to make playing movements in a relaxed and smooth manner. Lacking these assets, the student struggles through the material given, and does the best they can. Even if the are able to "make the notes", more or less, they will be building in so many tension habits into the muscles of their upper body, that they will not really be able to make music, and certainly not keep progressing. They will hit a dead end.

At GuitarPrinciples, we do not do things this way. We give guitar students what they really need to build a solid technical foundation on guitar, and to keep building it. The essentials of this foundation are the same for all styles. They are:

  1. How you hold the guitar when practicing.
  2. How the hands and fingers are positioned during playing.
  3. How the hands and fingers function while playing.
  4. How much the student understands about effective, or correct practice. This means that the student must know how to continually solve the problems that come up in learning music. And those problems are many.

At GuitarPrinciples, we know there is simply no point in giving students music to play when all they are going to do is struggle with it just like they do with all the music they already play! (see "How Are You Growing As A Guitarist: Horizontal & Vertical Growth"). If the 4 areas of skill listed above are not in place, or being put in place, your future as a guitar player is not a happy one. If you need to begin to fix your playing problems, or are lucky enough to be starting guitar, here are the things you can do.

These are the things you can do to start on the true path of real guitar playing ability


Learn about the fundamentals of sitting, holding, and hand positions in these free lessons.....  
Get your copy of "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" and learn ALL you need to really get results when you sit down to practice. You will see yourself getting bette with each practice session.  
Read these 10 Essential Essays, and learn about habits and methods a serious guitarist  must have and use to become a good or great guitar player.  


article 1
How To Play "Spanish Romance" On Guitar!
This lesson shows you every detail of how to train your fingers to play this guitar classic easily! You get the notes, tab, and complete fingering for "Spanish Romance". Special tips on chord changes.
>
article 2
Play "Renaissance Dance" On Guitar!
Most classical guitar lessons just show you the notes to play, not how to teach your fingers to play the notes! This exciting lesson from master teacher Jamie Andreas is different!
>
article 3
What Child Is This - Fingerstyle Chord Melody
Here is a chord melody arrangement of this Christmas classic, arranged for fingerstyle chord melody. I give you complete fingering and practice secrets.
>
article 4
How Do I Get Better At Classical Guitar?
The majority of classical guitar students struggle with their playing, and the reason is because they have enormous flaws and gaps in their knowledge, training, and technique.
>
article 5
Alternating with Index & Middle - Tips
Do we always have to alternate our fingers on guitar scales? Can we re-use a finger, two times in a row? It depends on the circumstances.
>
article 6
The Right Hand In FingerStyle: To Brace Or Not To Brace
A student wants to know if "bracing" the right hand on the guitar, like his teacher does, will be a good or bad thing.
>
article 7
The Thumb Up Exercise
A big problem for fingerstyle guitar players is controlling the thumb. The action of the fingers greatly affects the thumb, causing it to tense and miss bass strings. This exercise will help!
>
article 8
Etude in Bm By Fernando Sor
This beautiful guitar piece is one of the 20 Essential Studies handpicked by Andres Segovia for all classical guitar students. A wise choice!
>
article 9
The Classical Right Hand
The classical right hand brings the full functionality of fingerstyle playing to the guitar. Why is that, and how do we get some?
>
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