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How Do I Get Better At Classical Guitar?

Hi Jamie,

I play Classical Guitar, but I guess that I have reached the law of diminished returns as my Grade Eight never ever seems to be perfect, and I cannot seem to get any better.. Do you think I would benefit from your “Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course” or would it be too hard to go back to basics?

I play every day and at times literally for hours. I hate playing for people as I am a bit of a perfectionist and immediately think ‘’ Oh do not mess it up’’ despite having the piece say, Prelude No two by Villa Lobos buttoned up whilst playing on my own.
Where should I go from here?

If I were not so far away in England the answer would be to ask you for lessons.


Hi David,

Your situation is extremely common. The majority of classical guitar students struggle with their playing, and the reason is because they have enormous flaws and gaps in their knowledge, training, and technique. Recently, in the Acoustic Guitar Forum, various classical guitar players were talking about how badly they play, and how they would never record themselves because they are afraid of hearing their crappy playing...and God forbid they should ever try to play in front of anyone!

When I suggested to them that they could learn how to play well, with solid technique, they refused to believe me and said “It's okay for amateurs to play badly”! I am going to assume you are not like these deluded folks, dedicated as they are to their mediocrity!

My “Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course” is the answer, plain and simple. Many people have fixed themselves up with this course, and you can too, because it works for everyone.

It reveals playing and practice secrets you will not find anywhere else, and that is because I invented them! You have been rushed through your training, and you have been given music to play that you are completely unprepared for. For instance, you say you have Villa Lobos Prelude #2 “buttoned up”, as long as no one is in the room with you! I highly doubt that, because that piece requires very advanced technique to play well. You are just fooling yourself when you think you have it “buttoned up”. If you want proof, just try to record it, and you will see what you really sound like.

The fact is David that you do need to “go back to the beginning” and learn what you should have learned at the start. Otherwise, you will play badly the rest of your life. If you have a bad stutter, everything you say will come out badly, no matter how many times you practice saying it! You must get rid of the stutter. You ask if my "Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course" would be good for you - it is the ONLY chance you have of getting to the root of your problems. Any other method will simply give you more stuff to waste time with and play the same way you play now.

If you are serious about playing the classical guitar well, I strongly advise you to check this course out. Oh, and as far as personal instruction from me, distance is not a problem. I have many webcam students, as far away as Australia and New Zealand. So, if you are right across the pond in England, I think we could jolly well get it together!

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