Hi all

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Hi all

Postby JohnnyR » Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:17 am

My name is Johnny. I'm 42 years young, live on the west coast of Norway.
For a couple of years now I've been thinking about starting to play the guitar. Finally I took the plunge and 12 days ago I received my Ibanez SA260 (electric) :D .
Came by Guitar Principles by chance after browsing the net for information. I guess the whole idea that there is something more to playing the guitar than just picking it up and playing got to me.
I like knowing the theory behind things I guess.
After browsing the free section of GuitarPrinciples.com (great articles - read most of them) and the forum for a while I ordered the Principles beginners pack and received it on Friday (lightning fast I must add). The books are great and I've been reading a lot in them this weekend and trying to do some of the exercises.

I haven't developed callouses yet, I know that takes *some* time but my fingertips are in a state of numbness so I guess there's progress in that department.
Of course my left-hand fingers won't do what I want them to do, well some of the time but mostly not.
E.g. I'm having real problems with the perfect G chord as described in The Path.
My fingers are relatively short and my distal joints are almost impossible to bend correctly.
I keep touching the lower strings, and when the marks of the strings keep getting deeper as I continue with my practice it gets even worse :( :cry: . When I get to this point it's difficult to do even a D Major without touching the lower strings. There's just too much finger between the strings.

AND: The nail on my index finger is touching the fretboard even though I try to cut it as short as absolutely possible (should I remove them all together perhaps ;))

You girls and guys who have been playing for a while:
- What's your fingertips like? Are the skin superthick? How long did it take to develop your tips?
- Do you still get marks from the strings on them?
- Are you able to play a note or chord with minimal string pressure due to hard and thick skin on the fingertips?

Wait, there's more:
My middle- and ring finger seems to stick to each other like glue especially when bent over the fretboard.
If I manage (with tension in my hand) to move them (slightly) apart, the tips of the fingers keep searching for each other :lol:

Well, that's about it (for now).
Sorry for all the questions, but I just have to know, the sooner the better.

You all have a nice time then
Best Regards
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Re: Hi all

Postby Stan » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:15 pm


General comment that must be done : if you have read oh, say, 4-5 posts - you probably already know that in order to offer any specific help you will have to post a video of your practice.

Now on to specific questions :

Finger calluses : they take a while to develop on an acoustic, longer on electric. Electric takes MUCH less force because the strings are just not as TIGHT. Keep practicing - they will come.

You WILL have problems taking chords and not hitting or touching other strings in the process in the beginning. If you could just pick up the guitar and start playing chords clean and all - Jamie would be outa job! :lol: :lol: :lol: Between the book and your own practice - and lessons with Jamie if you want to speed up he process - look for finger positions that DON'T touch the strings they are not supposed to (and for some of that you will need to develop some stretch and stuff - that's what the "Guitar Principles" book is for - start with THAT and do the exercises. ACTUALLY DO THEM, not just READ about them).

Nails - either you are fretting the note wrong - or you have some serious nail issue... In either case video is needed to analyze further and provide specific advice.

Middle and ring finger - do the Walking exercises from GP book and do them RIGHT. Post videos.
Start where you are,
use what you have,
do what you can.

Arthur Ashe
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Re: Hi all

Postby JohnnyR » Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:45 am

Stan, thank you for your frank answer. Of course I will post videos, I just had to get some questions off my chest while presenting my self.
AND I have to check if my webcam is able to create videos of reasonable quality.
The exercises: yes I WILL do them.

Best Regards
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