I am NEWBEE.....Rajesh Anbukadal (India-Chennai)

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I am NEWBEE.....Rajesh Anbukadal (India-Chennai)

Postby anbukadal » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:57 am


Wishes and congrats to all experts in this forum who are great learners, experts, teachers, masters etc..

Let me introduce myself:

I am Rajesh Anbukadal from Chennai ( India). I have been the reader of tips shared by the author as I have subscribed to her tips for past couple of years. Though I have been learning the classical form of music for past two years, I didn't have a great progress in practical session of guitar and I am still lacking some basic skills.. I am one of the unfortunate guys in this world who started (ever took the guitar) playing guitar only in my 25th Age and I am now 28.

Since my family background doesn't have any musical knowledge, I took this instrument just to make others know that I can play music. But later when I started learning the classical form, I became kind of crazy on it and addicted to it and now 3 yrs since I am playing. I am being trained by one of great teachers here in chennai named Alahviyu "3Bs School of music" who has been playing for 25+ yrs & her father Venkatesh Naidu is one of best known Theorist in Chennai / India.

I have completed my Grade-2 - LTC course in theory and Grade-1 in practical with Guitar. Though I am learning at a good phase in theory I am still lacking the skill I need to have in practical. Couple of problems which I have are

Inspite of my master suggesstion to digest and feel the music, various thought flow disturbing me to concentrate and play as a musician.
I get stressed and harm my fingers when I am not getting the correct procedure / notes (I know that patience is a must...but still I am loosing it sometime)
Unable to play with relaxed figering when played using little finger / hammering with little finger

SOme tips on these topics would be boost my confidence and keep playing..
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Re: I am NEWBEE.....Rajesh Anbukadal (India-Chennai)

Postby Jamie » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:08 am

Hi Rajesh,

Welcome to our forum! We have want you want, if you do what you must do to get it.

Yours is a common story, you know everything, except how to play well! As we like to say around here, guitar is not something you "know" about, it is something you can do, or can't do. It doesn't matter what you know, it matters what you do. It matters what you do when you sit down to practice. If you have playing troubles, it is because you don't know how to practice.

You must get "The Principles" and use them. You must post videos of your practice here. Then, you will become a good player.
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