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Many guitar students find themselves developing pains in the hands or various parts of the body as a result of practicing guitar. "Repetitive Strain Injury" is the general name used to decribe such conditions.

This is a misleading term, as it implies that the mere "repetition" of an action has something to do with the cause of the pain. We need to understand that it is not "repeating" an action that is the problem, it is repeating the wrong action that is the problem. This means the action we are repeating is being done with wrong mechanics.

Wrong mechanics means two things:

1) Our form is not correct.

2) The forces we are applying to the strings are out of balance. 

These two conditions lead to excessive stress being placed on various parts of the body while practicing or playing, and that stress, over time leads to chronic pain in the targeted areas. The answer is simple: learn to use correct form, in terms of sitting, hand position, and finger use. Then, learn to touch the strings in the controlled, sensitive way that all great players use, and your pains will, over time, diminish and disappear!

The articles in this section will help you do just that!

A Collapsing Little Finger Will Lead to Guitar Pain!

Ultimately, guitar pain is going to result from imbalances in our movements caused by wrong form and action. It must be stopped at the beginning, as I do with this student.

Why Is My Hand Cramping On Guitar?

When students get pain from practicing guitar, it is very often coming from a number of factors that need correcting. In this article, I explain why.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Guitar

Many guitar students develop pains in the hands and body due to practicing . The cause is imbalance, leading to strain in arms, hands and fingers. Prevention and cure begins with knowing these things.

Q&A On Pain In Playing

Here are my answers to students who have written to me about the pain they are getting from practicing guitar.

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