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Jamie Andreas > Jamie As a Person

Jamie As a Person

"What you are as a person is what you will be as a guitarist".....Jamie Andreas

This truth has been apparent to Jamie since she started her journey with the guitar at the age of 14. When she began teaching at 17, this understanding became even more undeniable. Jamie had a front row seat as she saw hundreds of "persons" attempt to fulfill their dreams of becoming guitar players.

It is thought that talent is the greatest determinant of the progress we will make with guitar, but that is not true. Talent will take you so far, but we quickly reach a plateua in our progress unless we have the important personality characteristics that bring success on guitar, or anything else.

In her teaching, Jamie saw clearly that the results each person got, and the guitarist they became, or did not become, all proceeded directly from who they were as people. And so, it became obvious that teaching guitar involved much more than showing someone where to put their fingers! It required being aware of, and responding to, and working with, the whole person. 

Having begun her own lifelong study of science at age 9, and psychology, philosophy, history, and all things spiritual at age 11, (3 years before taking up guitar), Jamie was uniquely suited to the task!

Here you will find a number of her writings that examine life, art, and guitar. You will learn how Jamie has gone about forming her personhood, and how that has given her the power and clarity to create, sustain, and continuously develop a powerful, enduring, and joyful relationship to music and guitar.

My View: A Critique of Hope


Stage Fright - The Frightening Truth!

Stage Fright is an interesting term. Are people really afraid of stages? No, they're not. People are afraid of people. Let's look at the real problem.

Boredom & Guitar Practice

Bored with guitar practice? Boredom will slow or stop your progress and must be dealt with. First, it must be analyzed. Here's a look at what boredom is all about - it's pretty interesting actually!

Beliefs--And YOU! - Deeper Excerpt

A student asks "How do I change my beliefs to more positive ones that will help me get better on guitar"? I explain that YOU can't change your beliefs, because YOU ARE your beliefs!

Deeper-Straw Man On a Stick

Read this excerpt from "The Deeper I Go, The Deeper It Gets"...a collection of 25 transformative essays on the psychology and philosophy of personal excellence on guitar and everything else!

The Deeper I Go The Deeper It Gets - Introduction

25 Transformative Essays on the psychology and philosophy of personal excellence on the guitar and everything else!

The Fundamentals of Fun

Fun is a very serious matter to me. I don't do anything unless it is fun. If it is not fun, I don't do it. If I have to do it, I figure out how to make it fun! Read this - find out what fun really is.

The Inner Master

To be great on guitar, you must find the Inner Master. All great players have found the Inner Master. Once the Inner Master is found, everything else that can be used becomes usable.

Climb Every Mountain

It's relatively easy to become "competent" in anything we pursue, the price is within everyone's reach. Excellence, however, will cost you.

Mystery, Beauty, and Grace

Can you be a great musician without being in touch with your spiritual center? No, you cannot. Here's why.....

Lost In Time

Time is certainly very important to musicians. We must master time in order to to master our music. However, the true master of time knows the greatest power comes when we escape time altogether!

The Alone Place

There is a place you can go to become the greatest guitarist and musician you can possibly be. Listen, I will tell you where it is and how to get there......

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