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Guitar Pornography? How To Make It Real!

 I was speaking to the editor of a major guitar publication recently, and he was telling me about a guitar solo that was about to appear in the next magazine. It was by some well known player. He made an interesting and revealing remark to me. He said “I doubt many people trying to learn to play guitar ever really learn to play the music in our magazine”!

Oh really! Well, I found that remark interesting not because of what he said, indeed, I had realized this after about the 1,000th student came into my studio with music magazine in hand, and proceeded to mutilate the latest “monthly musical offering”. No, I found that remark interesting not for what he said, but rather, because he actually said it! I had never known for sure that the people that produce these magazines were aware of how little they actually help anyone’s playing.

And yet, there are thousands of guitar players around the world with piles of magazines full of all things guitar: songs, solos, interviews, gear (lot$ of gear), and on and on and on. Everything is there...except something that will actually enable you to become a better guitar player! You can certainly become a busier guitar player, and you can certainly become a poorer guitar player, but....better? Remember what that editor said; even he doubts it! As usual, all the material found in these magazines does indeed show you what the good players are doing, but you are not going to get a clue about HOW they are doing it, or most importantly, how you can teach yourself to do what they are doing.

And that is why I have often thought of these guitar magazines as the “guitar players pornography”. Yes, guitar players buy this pulp fiction with fevered avidity as they dream of playing those songs they see listed on the cover. But their chances of playing that music as it should be played are about the same as their chances of dating the latest centerfold in the magazine at the other end of the rack!

This is why a recent customer, coming back to buy more GuitarPrinciples products after buying our primary text “The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar”, made this comment to us along with his order.......

Customer Message :
“I found you originally through a search engine, looking for someone to help me beyond all the crap that is out there. Thanks for your first book.”

I like that “beyond all the crap that is out there”! I say this is a man with intelligence and discrimination, looking for a fulfilling and committed relationship with the guitar!

Indeed, we have received thousands of comments over the years (many of them on our customer review page) saying essentially the same thing. The vast difference between our products and the usual “crap” is that we are not just showing you what good guitar players do, we show you how to teach YOUR fingers to do it too! We don’t leave it up to you to figure out how to do what you see the good players, we don’t do that, and for a very good reason...we know for certain most of you will not be able to teach yourself to do it! The only people who can play all the “crap” out there simply by buying a book or magazine are the people who have already reached that level of ability!

The books, the magazine, the endless transcriptions, and all the rest of the “guitar pornography” piled up in practice rooms around the world, are not going to give it to you. They will just show you what you would be able to play, if you could already play!

Very often, players think they are getting “better” because they have learned new scales, arpeggios, licks, etc. They never seem to notice that they play all this new stuff the same way they played all the old stuff. Their scales are just as sloppy, the playing breaks down all over the place in the new stuff the same as it did in the old stuff. Guitar players need to understand that guitar playing is not an intellectual activity - it is not about what you know, it is about what you can do...........and most especially, it is about how you do it!

Guitar players do not need more glamorous and glittering guitar solos that are monthly transcribed and sold to the thousands of sweaty fingers out there - fingers that love to fondle the pages of music that will never come out of them when they touch the strings. No, what aspiring guitar players really need are:

1)  A clear understanding of the dynamics of how the body learns new physical skills

2) A practical, usable, and most of all, effective method for actually training the body, hands, and fingers to perform these new skills.

3) A detailed breakdown of what the inner mechanics of each guitar skill really is, and how those mechanics can be learned, step by step, and constantly improved.

Once you have these most precious assets, which only “The Principles” and all other GP products give you.......once you have learned how to fish instead of buying pictures of other people’s fish.........that pile in your practice room will no longer remain a fantasy. All of those exciting, awesome, songs you have been dreaming of, all those notes, all those hot licks you have yearned to caress on your own private fretboard all these lonely years...will be yours to ravish at will!

Here is a recent post in our forum that tells the story of how one unrequited lover of guitar finally achieved union with his beloved guitar, and began the kind of romance with his “secret stack” of guitar instructional materials that he could only dream of before...


I’m am so glad that you published “The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar” (that title strikes me a little funny, more like a doctorate thesis then just another ‘Be a Ripping Shred Monster on Guitar’ but I guess that’s just one more thing that separates you from the crowd) because now I really feel like I can reach my full potential as a guitar player.

I’ve been playing for twenty years. Two years ago I decided that I will become the best I can be. I was not impressed with my playing and didn’t really see any musical growth. I started getting all kinds of of books and DVD’s that stated I would, with this one magic product, be a shredding monster. Of course most were just the same scales, chords, bits of theory - sometimes inaccurate - that every other course offered. Here’s the sad part. When I did get a great DVD from a player I really liked, i.e. John Petrucci, the examples that were shown were beyond my ability. But, I didn’t give up, and I finally stumbled across your site when I was searching for speed guitar.

I read the reviews of the ‘Principles’ and decided that I HAD to get this book. It was a real - “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive” - moment. From the profound to the blinding stupid, I found all kinds of things that I was doing wrong with my body. The biggest thing I got from the ‘Principles’ book was I actually enjoyed playing guitar - for 20 years I “enjoyed” playing, but wow, I had no idea how much TENSION I was holding in my arms, fingers, toes, stomach, etc.... I may have liked playing but my body was going through the pits of Hades to do the easiest things.

I’m so glad I didn’t stop with just the one book from you. I’ve also picked up Scale Mastery, The Chromatic Octave Exercise, Six Essential Scales, Hammer and Pulls and (drum roll) my latest buy - The Rock and Blues Foundation Course! I’m up to lesson seven right now and loving it (I almost have a decent vibrato!)!! This is what I got into guitar for! Another happy thing is that I can now make use of the Petrucci and Troy Stetina material!
So, just wanted to say thanks.”


Believe me, everything this enthusiastic guitar lover has said has been said over and over.

Yes, we at GuitarPrinciples are the ultimate dating service for people trying to learn to play the guitar, we are like e-Harmony and rolled into one! You will fall in love with your guitar all over again! If you have spent year after year, and hundreds or thousands of dollars on guitar lessons and books, and still have never “done it” for real, bring your virgin musical self to and get a copy of “The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar”.

If you are ready to find out what the joy of playing the guitar well is really about, if you are tired of jealously watching someone else making sweet music with your favorite song while you are sitting at home alone, with a guitar that refuses to speak to you or even give you the time of day......its time to come to get a copy of the only book that will make all the other books come alive, "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar",  and learn how to treat your guitar right. Then, she will sing like a bird every time you touch her!

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