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Study With Me In My Online Classroom


Study with me personally on a new internet teaching platform which delivers "The Principles Of Correct Practice" to you in a powerful and personal way! Read on....



Get personalized one-on-one instruction..........

My Online Classroom!

I am very happy to announce to you that I have recently begun to teach in an online classroom environment. I am even happier to tell you that it is proving to be an amazingly effective, enjoyable, and, for the student, economical way to make significant progress in your guitar playing abilities.

The wonderful folks at,who have been offering the most cutting edge guitar instruction from the best players and teachers of all styles for many years, have put together "Guitar Sherpa", which is essentially an online school that YOU can attend to sharpen any and all guitar skills,

Play Like A Professional!


"Results speak volumes when it comes to assessing the skills of a teacher."

Fourteen months ago, I joined Jamie's Online Classroom and begn lessons with her. As a baseline, I accompanied my songs with a couple of basic strums and open chords at that time. What now?

I play chromatic and major scales in 16th notes using a metronome set at 60, bar chords using a variety of strategies with no crippling tension, several different strums and picking patterns to accompany my songs, bass runs to add variety to my rhythm playing.

I have developed many right hand skills for fingerstyle accompaniment and for playing beautiful melodies and classical repertoire. I could add more to this list.

Most importantly, Jamie has taught me how to practice so I get results from every session without any frustration. I am excited about learning the guitar! Can't wait to see what develops during Year 2 of my lessons. Thanks, Jamie. Teaching is your gift!

Guitar students have no idea what it takes to play like a pro. Fortunately, I do, and so I require my students to do what the pros do to play the guitar so well and so easily. One very important thing is the constant REALITY BASED evaluation of their skills, which is a necessary pre-requisite for improving those skills. This means constantly recording yourself and evaluating your playing. 


At Guitar Sherpa, we are uniquely set up for that, because students can easily video their practice efforts right from the browser, submit it to me, and I can just as easily send them back a personalized video response, telling and showing them exactly what to do to solve their problems, and exactly how to do it.

This is awesomely powerful, because of the fundamental (scientific) principle of "motor control learning"....receiving feedback and correction on efforts is ESSENTIAL to improvement. You can't change what you don't know is wrong, and if you are not getting better on guitar, your practice efforts are wrong!

In my classroom, you have access to my most powerful methods for building real guitar playing ability, and you have my personal attention on a daily basis - you will not believe the progress you will make on a weekly basis!


Here are just a few of the powerful benefits you get by studying with me at
Guitar Sherpa.....

Shifted Time: You practice and submit your work on _your_ time. You can
easily fit  your "classroom work" in to your schedule.

Frequency of Feedback: In my classroom, I allow unlimited video
You can have constant feedback on practice efforts, constant
guidance, and therefore, constant growth! - it simply doesn't get better
than that!

Personalized One to One Instruction: I love the fact that I am able to
give you an instant video response on all your work, and easily! I can give
you special exercises  and practice methods on the spot to solve whatever
problem you are having.

Live Webcam Time Included:  Although the concept at Guitar Sherpa is
"shifted time" and not "live instruction", I know that students often have
playing problems that require "direct intervention". Learning guitar is a
body learning experience, and some changes can only be made by me
observing a student in action, and calling their attention to wrong things
they are doing that they don't realize they are doing.

For this reason, I include 15 min of live webcam time with me each month.
This way, I know I can do all that needs to be done for each student.


Guitar Sherpa is also a great place to hang out, meet other players and teachers, and find an incredible wealth of guitar experience, knowledge, and resources. Getting good on guitar has literally never been more possible for anyone willing to put in the effort.

So, check out the info below .....and I'll see you in class (don't forget my apple!).


Study with Jamie Andreas
Guitar Principles & Essentials

"I'll assess your skills and objectives on an ongoing basis. I'll prepare personalized lesson plans based on those assessments. I'll guide you through those plans by answering all of your questions, reviewing your videos and giving you feedback using video, text and audio messaging. I'll point out what you're doing correctly and show you how to improve any aspect of your playing whether its rhythm and comping, writing or arranging, performing onstage, or recording in the studio."

- Jamie Andreas

Guitar Sherpa Study Plan includes:

* Analysis and assessment of skills & objectives
* Personalized lesson plans and learning materials
* Private assessments of your video submissions
* Unlimited video and text messaging
* 24/7 access to ALL video lessons, tabs and jams
* 24/7 access to all 7,500 TrueFire TV videos
* Interaction with students and discussion feeds


Click for full curriculum click to watch video greeting click now learn more get started today enroll now

Enroll risk-free today and take 30 days to evaluate your Guitar Sherpa instructor and learning experience. If you're unhappy for any reason whatsoever, we'll refund 100% of your tuition. No questions. No obligations. No monkey business.


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