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The Guitar Principles  
The TRUTH about Learning Guitar
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Take A Guitar Lesson With Jamie? What Is It Like?

A "Principled" Guitar Lesson Is Your Best Chance of Success! The Beginning Is The Best Time, But The Sooner The Better!

The longer you wait to get the right information and the right training, the further you travel from the path of your own true development as a guitar player. Beginning to learn the guitar is a journey. If your first step is in the wrong direction, you have a very long journey ahead of you, a journey to nowhere!

What Is "Learning The Guitar"?

When you learn guitar, you are really trying to teach your fingers to make the moves necessary to play music on the guitar, and to make those moves smoothly. In other words, "learning guitar" really means "teaching your fingers". Ask yourself, "Do I really know how to train my fingers to play the notes in front of me"? If you are having trouble learning the guitar, the answer is "NO"!

Why You Will Succeed With "The Principles"

Guitar methods, tabs, and the various learning resources you will find show you what notes you are supposed to play, but they do not show you how to teach your fingers to be able to play those notes. This is why most people fail entirely at guitar, or get limited results.

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" is the ONLY guitar method that shows you HOW to train your fingers to play music on the guitar. It works for anyone, at any level, for any style of music, because all styles of guitar use the same fingers!

Bad habits that will absolutely limit your ability to keep getting better on guitar take root in the beginning. They don't reveal themselves fully until later on, when you try to play something a little more ambitious than strumming and singing, something with scale runs perhaps, fast fingerpicking, or challenging left hand work. Then, you will begin to realize that there is something wrong with your fundamental guitar playing ability, and more importantly, your ability to learn new skills, and keep getting better on guitar.

That "something wrong" will be the very fundamentals of your technique on guitar, all the bad habits that you got at the beginning, and reinforced in every practice session. The sad fact is that what guitar players really need to learn is exactly what they are not taught. I will make sure you learn :

  • The true mechanics of how the fingers make the necessary movements on the guitar
  • The true process of how to teach the fingers to do those movements
  • The true method for developing your fingers into constantly improving guitar player fingers, regardless of "natural talent".

The sooner you learn these things the better, the better. The beginning is the best time. If you would like to begin the guitar correctly, and reach your full potential as a player, or get rid of the playing problems you have, contact Geraldine and schedule a lesson with me.

Email Geraldine:

See what's it's like to take a lesson with Jamie in Las Vegas, NV, or by Webcam.

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Study With Me In My Online Classroom
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Webcam Lessons With Jamie - An Inside Look
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Come To Las Vegas! Meet Jamie!
A lot of things you may do in Las Vegas could be a gamble - but one thing is a sure bet - guaranteed! When you come here to take a guitar lesson with Jamie, your guitar playing will hit the jackpot
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In Person Lessons With Jamie
The most powerful way to become the guitar player you want to be is to see me in person! It will be different from any guitar lesson you have ever had! What is a lesson with me like? Take a look...
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