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Proper Form on the G7 Chord

This supposedly "easy" chord can be quite a challenge to do easily. It requires the first finger to be flexed back all the way to the 1st string, while the 3rd finger is stretched out to the 6th! This is not easy to do for most beginner fingers!

Here are some tips for doing this chord.


G7 Chord with 3 fingers

Notice the extreme bend in the distal joints (tip joints) which allows for clearance of the adjacent strings.

G7 Chord with 2 fingers

Here the 2nd finger is above the strings, we don't really need it for this chord.

First of all, realize that the position the hand needs to assume for this "simple" chord is quite demanding. The most important things are to have the hand and wrist out away from the neck, not hugging it, AND, the distal joints (the last joint of the finger). Those distal joints, especially on the 2nd finger must be VERY flexed, in fact, about a 90 degree angle for that 2nd finger.

Now, it does depend on the type of guitar neck you are playing on. I am doing it on a classical, so the neck is wide, and the distal joint must be very bent. Lack of bend in the distal joints is common, and is a basic flaw in "form" for many people. Read my little piece on it: "The Distal Joint"

Also, some good news. You don't HAVE to do that 2nd finger note on that chord, I usually don't. It is the "3rd" of the chord, harmonically speaking, and is already present in the open 2nd string, so playing it actually adds nothing to the chord (you only need one 3rd). I don' t have time to explain it here, so take my word for it.

Of course, you will need the same finger ability for other things, so you should still pay attention to what I said, but if you need the chord for a gig this Saturday, I'd take the easy way out it I were you!

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