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Yoga Of Guitar

After “The Principles”, this is my most important work. The information in “The Yoga of Guitar” is powerful, and priceless. Your practice and playing will never be the same!...............Jamie Andreas

I am proud to announce that my new system for guitar "The Yoga of Guitar" is now available. For the player who wants the deepest knowledge of what playing and learning guitar is, "The Yoga of Guitar" will open your eyes to that mysterious state of mastery we see in all the best players.

Great players are not doing what struggling players do when they play. Great players do not even touch the string in the same way as struggling players. The secrets of great guitar playing are just that: secrets. They are often secrets even to those that are doing them - they couldn't tell you why they play so well, and why you don't. "The Yoga of Guitar" will reveal this hidden knowledge.

*Develop a DYNAMIC relationship to the string! Learn to use the energy of the string itself to power your movements. All good players do this!

* Learn the secret of PERFECT PRACTICE, which is playing each note in a way that makes the next note easy to play!

* Mental Mastery of the music. Movement follows thought, and guitar ability begins in the mind. You will learn how to form the strong mental grasp of your music that makes your fingers your faithful servants as you play.

These are just some of  the benefits of studying "The Yoga of Guitar"!

learn more about "The Yoga of Guitar".........

See people using "The Yoga of Guitar" to develop real mastery of the instrument on our Facebook Group page....

Introduction: The Yoga of Guitar - The Union of Body, Instrument & Music

"The Yoga of Guitar" is a groundbreaking new system for learning the real secrets of great guitar playing. It gives you the knowledge and methods of the greatest masters of guitar.

Guitar Playing: Relaxation is NOT the Answer!

How many times have you heard someone talk about the secret of great guitar playing by saying “Relax, you have to play relaxed. Well, the truth is relaxation is only PART of the story....

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