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The TRUTH about Learning Guitar
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Learn To Play A Guitar and How To Practice

If you want to learn to play a guitar, you must understand that everything that happens when you play is the direct result of what you do when you practice. That is surprising to most people. They think all their mistakes are coming out of nowhere, or they are not warmed up, or "this shouldn't be happening, I just played it so well when I was alone in my room"! They think these things, but they are wrong.

The seeds of every mistake are sown when you practice. The problem is that you don't know this, and that is because you don't really know what you are doing when you practice. You think you are not tensing lots of muscles that don't need to be tense to make your finger movements, but you are wrong. Most guitar students are riddled with tension when they play, but they are not paying enough attention to their body to know this, so the tension becomes unconscious.

Here is some more information to help you understand this vitally important concept:



HOW you practice the guitar is the single greatest factor that determines whether you will become a good guitar player, or struggle endlessly to play. "Good" practice makes you better at being a good guitarist - "bad" practice makes you better at being  a bad guitarist!

"Practicing" the guitar essentially means "training" the fingers. Like training a dog, the fingers are very capable of learning new skills, but they must be taught on their terms.

The most important thing to do when we practice is to teach the fingers to move with relaxed control.  If we do not know how to train the fingers to have relaxed control as they move, we will not play well, it is as simple as that.

The muscles that operate the fingers must be taught in a certain way in order for the fingers to move smoothly and easily on the guitar. That is because the muscles and nerves of our body follow certain "laws" when it comes to learning new movements. If you do not follow these laws when you practice guitar, your muscles, and the fingers they are connected to, will struggle to play the guitar. They will struggle for one very simple reason:

Bad guitar practice ties up your fingers, and all the muscles needed to play (which means the entire upper body) with tension - and the fingers simply cannot operate when they are full of crippling tension.

The following video will go into a bit more detail..


The simple (and sad) fact is that the guitar is a very difficult instrument to learn, and as a rule, it is taught very poorly, so that a great number of people trying to learn are frustrated at how little success they have. They take lessons, and they buy books and dvd's, and they still struggle to play. That is because all existing methods only show you the music itself, they don't teach you how to actually practice guitar in a way that trains your fingers to learn to PLAY that music!

In other words, they don't teach you how to practice!

So, you have a go at it, and do the best you can, and if you are lucky, you might learn how to play something that sounds a little bit like the music!

There are a number of reasons WHY the guitar is so difficult to learn, and also a number of reasons why the usual guitar method falls far short of teaching you what you acually need to play well. I am going to explain some of these reasons in the following video....

"Why Do I Suck At Guitar: Reason #2............You Always Practice Too Fast!"


If you would like to learn more about how "The Principles" will help you avoid the common playing problems, and fix the bad habits you have,  watch the rest of "Why Do I Suck At Guitar"


Learn more about how "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" will show you how to practice effectively and get results every time!


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