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What Are The Principles?

Correct Guitar Practice Using "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"


Imagine playing your favorite songs on the guitar easily, with no struggle, and always getting better! There is a method of practicing guitar that will, step by step, train your fingers for perfect action on the guitar. It is scientific because it follows the laws of "body learning", the same laws your muscles and nerves use to learn new movements. It is called "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar". 

Virtually all existing guitar instructional material gives you content - not method. They give you notes to learn, chords to play, exercies to do. BUT, they do NOT show you how to practice this content in a way that will effectively teach your fingers to play the music! And so, you are left on your own. You have a go at it. Maybe you will get it, maybe you won't.

Most people don't. And even more people learn to play in a sloppy, haphazard, struggling way that limits their progress, and keeps them stuck at the same level of playing for years.

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" will teach you how the fingers learn, how they need to be taught, and exactly what to do when you sit down to practice guitar. And speaking of sitting, you will learn.....

  • Why how you hold the guitar will determine whether you succeed in playing well
  • Why you must learn to use "super slow" no tempo practice
  • Why you must use a metronome when practicing
  • How to work up music from a slow speed to a flawless fast speed


"The Principles" is a proven method that works for everyone, because it is based on the scientific laws of how the body learns new movements.  Thousands of people who never thought they could learn to play guitar have become good guitar players, and thousands more have solved long standing playing problems and become better players than they ever thought they could be - all by using "The Principles". 


By using "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" You will learn...

How tension becomes "locked-in" to muscles when you practice without sufficient awareness.....

How and why you adapt to that level of tension, how you are limited by it, and how, as time goes by, you consider it "normal".....

How you can cultivate "microscopic awareness", and how this awareness will allow you to practice with a new level of relaxation, "un-locking" the tension from the body, and how over time, muscle memory will help you build an entirely new foundation of technique.....

How playing the guitar will become an entirely new experience! What seemed hard (because you were really fighting your own "locked-in" muscle tension) will now be, and feel, EASY!

The "Principles" is composed of three elements:  

26 Foundation Exercises: Most players are handicapped to a some degree (often a great degree) because their hands were never properly developed from the beginning. This is because guitar instruction is often a haphazard affair. The exercises develope your fingers in a step by step way for perfect functioning on the strings.

34 Understandings: Your results in practicing depend completley on the quality of your practice. You know what they say "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!" Well, it's true - but you have to know and understand certain things before you can practice perfectly. All of that is explained in detail.

7 Tools:These are practice methods to be used to solve problems in playing and gain real playing ability. These approaches are based on certain key Understandings, such as Muscle Memory and Sympathetic Tension, as well as Attention and Awareness.

Curious? Take a look inside "The Principles".................

article 1
7 Things You MUST Do To Get Better On Guitar!
Simple things the pros know, that you don't, but can start doing right now!
>
article 2
The 4 Levels To Guitar Success
There is ONE thing that determines your success on guitar more than anything else. I call it Level 1 of the 4 Levels of Guitar Success. If you are struggling to learn, you are probably missing this.
>
article 3
Why People Struggle To Learn Guitar
Most people struggle to learn guitar. Find out why all the guitar methods and lessons set you up for trouble, right from the beginning!
>
article 4
What You SHOULD Have Learned In Your First Guitar Lesson!
In this lesson for beginner guitarists, I tell you the 2 most important concepts a guitar student must know in order to teach the fingers how to move in a smooth and relaxed way.
>
article 5
Why Is The Principles The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar?
In short, because learning the guitar is a "body learning" process, and all existing methods teach you from the logic of the guitar, not the logic of the body. Learn why this is profoundly important!
>
article 6
A look inside The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar
Are you curious about what is really inside "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar"? Well, why don't you take a look!
>
article 7
Preface to The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar
This "Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" is unlike any other guitar book you have ever seen. Read the Preface and you will understand why.
>
article 8
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article 9
Guitar Principles Newsletter Archive
See all of the incredible content in our past newsletters!
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article 10
The Principles DVD - Excerpts
Seeing is believing - and understanding!! These excerpts from "The Principles" DVD illustrate some of the primary yet profound aspects of learning guitar that must be learned to succeed on guitar.
>
article 11
The Foundation Exercises
The "Foundation Exercises" are unlike any other guitar exercises you have seen, and yet, they are the key to mastering the guitar, without struggling.
>
article 12
Learn To Play A Guitar and How To Practice
If you want to learn to play a guitar, HOW you practice the guitar is the single greatest factor that determines whether you will become a good guitar player, or struggle endlessly to play.
>
article 13
Why (Oh Why) Do I Suck At Guitar!!??
Answering this question is the beginning of your recovery!
>
article 14
The Guitar Principles Story
Nothing happens overnight! Here's how Guitar Principles, and "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" was born.
>
article 15
Industry Reviews of The Principles
Read what the professional guitar teachers and players say about "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar"
>
article 16
Customer Reviews Of The Principles
Read what real players, who are using "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar", have to are some reviews.
>
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Why Is The Principles The Best Way to Learn Guitar?

156 - Why Is The Principles The Best Way to Learn Guitar?

All other guitar methods have serious flaws that leave you struggling on guitar. The Principles is different....
Learn To Play a Guitar by Learning HOW to Practice!

16 - Learn To Play a Guitar by Learning HOW to Practice!

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What Are The Principles?

15 - What Are The Principles?

Those who know "The Principles" know that there is no other guitar method like it. It is the key to using every other method! Find out for yourself.....