Guitar Principles Teaches You HOW To Play Guitar!

I'll teach you to practice guitar like a pro...then, you will play like one!

"7 Things You Must Do To Get Results From Your Guitar Practice"

  • Have you not gotten any better in years?
  • Do you want to start guitar perfectly, with no bad habits?

I went through four teachers before I found Jamie. Thank God for that! Why is it that so many teachers forget what it's like to be a beginner? Not Jamie, she is the guardian angel of all guitar beginners.

David Milton Jones, Student

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Get Twice As Good - Twice As Fast!

7 Powerful Guitar Practice Tips That Will Make You Better - Every Time You Use Them!

"Jamie is one of the few teachers interested in the relationship between muscle and brain and how to use one’s body efficiently, decidedly rare in the field of guitar instruction.”   Dr. Gary Marcus, professor, NYU speaks of the teachings of Jamie Andreas in his NY TIMES Bestseller Guitar Zero.

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The principles of correct practice for guitar

"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" is the entry point for pro level guitar ability. How you practice is how you play - so learn how to practice like a pro!

most don't see benefit till too late

Wise words of advice to beginners from an advanced player


If your ears were burning on Saturday it was because I was once again

telling a roomful of students to get "Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar." I have an early spiral-bound edition. It is the single most valuable half-inch of space in the linear yard or so of guitar books I've accumulated over the last 45 years or so of playing. If I had a dollar for every time I've recommended it, I could buy a harp-guitar or a lute.

Here's the thing. I'm a professional educator. The science of instruction is what I did my undergraduate and graduate work in, what I've spent the last 30 years doing for a living. I teach teachers how to teach.

Your book explains HOW TO LEARN to play the guitar. Not *what* to practice, but *how* to practice. I have used your break-it-down-into-minute-discrete-movements method for decades, and seen it work over and over and over, with my own playing as well as that of my students.

So I just wanted to say thank you.


I Finally Learned HOW To Play Guitar!


I want to learn how to practice and get pro grade fingers with "The Foundation Exercises"!

How Guitarists Worldwide Have Had Their Playing Transformed By My Unique System:

He Played With Mistakes For 10 Years! ...until he learned "The Principles!

Congratulations to Nikhil! After months of correct practice, he has nailed this complex fingerstyle piece Wildwood Flower. 

"Thank you Jamie! I have to confess I couldn't play a piece like that without missed notes and mistakes for over 10 years. Your thorough instruction and feedback made it possible to play it note for note at that speed." ~ Nikhil


"Jamie, I just want to say Thank You for your practice method and teaching guidance!"

Stacey - Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas

Stacey Welu // Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas
.............LOOK AT STACEY NOW!

"We had new friends over last night. They saw my guitars and asked if I played. I played and sang House of the Rising Sun on my electric and Fast Car on my acoustic. I am thrilled to say that I had no problem playing and singing both songs and although I had a few butterflies, when I placed my first hand position the slow practice and continuous contact with the guitar paid off and I was calm and relaxed throughout the rest of the song.

Considering a few months ago I struggled with simple 3 chord strumming songs, to play flat-pick and finger style confidently for others is a huge milestone!"

~ Stacey Welu


"I have struggled for years trying to learn left hand placement, and the mechanics of the various chord changes, but alone this is nearly impossible.

Everything Jamie describes is what I am experiencing, from having a bad teacher to trying to teach myself. I watched videos of teachers saying "Watch me play it, now you do it." They never tell you the real mechanics of how the fingers must work. This is what is missing from everyone else’s lessons. I think I just found my inspiration again!" ~ David Falgout

~ David Falgout // InTouch Engineer Schlumberger Rosharon Campus

Jamie Andreas - Great Player, Great Teacher

Watch videos of Jamie's mastery of guitar below...

  • "Michelle" (Beatles)

  • "Looking Up" (Original)

  • "Sarabande" (Bach)

  • "Spanish Romance"

"Yesterday" (McCartney / Beatles)

I made this arrangement after about 6 years of playing guitar. I spent the next 30 years learning to play it.

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Guitar Principles Teaches You HOW To Play Guitar!I'll teach you to practice guitar like a pro...then, you will play like one!"7 Things You Must

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