The 2 Kinds Of Guitar Growth You MUST Have On Guitar

Are you getting better on guitar, or just playing more things badly? There are two kinds of growth we can experience on guitar.  I call them Vertical & Horizontal Growth. Both are necessary, but Vertical growth is hard to come

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guitar bad habits

Why Do Guitar Students Get Bad Habits From The Beginning?

Why Do Guitar Students Get Bad Habits From The Beginning?It is really very simple. And I am going to explain it to you very simply..... Playing Guitar Is a PHYSICAL Activity!Whether you know it or not, playing the guitar is

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Practicing One Thing Is Practicing Everything

Practicing One Thing Is Practicing Everything!

If you know how to learn one thing really well on guitar, you know how to learn anything. If you cannot learn one thing well, you cannot learn anything well. Correct practice for guitar changes everything! Anyone who knows how to

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guitar practice organization chart new

How To Make A Guitar Practice Schedule – The 4 Vital Areas

Why You Should Make A Guitar Practice Schedule  Which statement describes you when you sit down to practice guitar:1)I follow my well thought out practice schedule.2) I start practicing whatever I feel like, or whatever my teacher gave me last lesson. Your

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RSI Guitar Exercises: The Best Treatment

What is the best treatment for RSI from guitar practice? There are 2 steps: 1Fix your sitting position and how you hold the guitar when practicing.2Teach your fingers how to use minimum effort with correct form, and how to relax between

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Why You Struggle To Learn Guitar

Very likely, you’ve already seen many guitar lessons and methods, and perhaps have had a teacher or two. Why have none of these resources given you what you need to become a REAL* guitar player? *real guitar player - one who

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Is Guitar Easy To Learn Or Do I Need Natural Talent?

Can I Learn To Play Guitar? Many "ordinary" people get the idea in their head that they would like to play guitar. The next thing that pops into their head is "Wait, is guitar easy to learn? Don't you have

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How Long To Learn Your Style

How Long To Learn Guitar? What you need to know for each style

Load More How Long To Learn  Your Style Of Guitar? What does it take to learn rock guitar? And how long? What does it take to learn acoustic, or classical?. As important as training the fingers is for a guitar

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Where Do I Start On Guitar? The 2 Essential Aspects

Understanding the 2 Aspects of Learning Guitar The PHYSICAL Part First,  Then The MUSICAL Part Q: I am 58 years old and I am wanting to learn to play the guitar. I do not know where to start! Hi Jamie,

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am I too old to learn guitar

Guitar For Adults – Am I Too Old?

Load MoreLearning Guitar As An Adult?Are You Too Old To Learn Guitar???  As if there are not enough other things to feel insecure about when beginning guitar!Yean, in 50 years of teaching, I have taught a lot of guitar to

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