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What Should I Practice On Guitar

Download this guide! A recent letter asked this question:"What specifically should I practice, chords, scales or songs? I am feeling overwhelmed with lessons, books, methods, skills, & principles of practice!" This feeling of overwhelm troubles many beginning guitar students and

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Boredom & Guitar Practice

Even the most ardent and enthusiastic players and students will at some time or another, find that they must deal with the enemy of forward movement known as “boredom”. The experience can range from feeling a localized loss of enthusiasm

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The Real Meaning Of Relaxed Guitar Playing

Hi Jamie,Supposedly, when certain people (these people obviously are those who are the best at playing guitar) play guitar, they experience a complete relaxation both physically and mentally. I was wondering if you experience this when you play? Additionally, I

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The True Teacher

The True Guitar Teacher

As a lifelong guitar student, guitar player and guitar teacher, this is the subject that fires my greatest passion. If I could get across only one message, and for some reason wasn’t allowed to say anything else, this is what

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Student Abuse

Guitar Student Abuse

Here is one of many stories that guitar students have written to me over the years…. Hi Jamie, I have a history of hand problems, and I was searching for some instruction on proper form that might help. I was

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The 2 Kinds Of Guitar Growth You MUST Have On Guitar

Are you getting better on guitar, or just playing more things badly? There are two kinds of growth we can experience on guitar.  I call them Vertical & Horizontal Growth. Both are necessary, but Vertical growth is hard to come

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Why Do Guitar Students Get Bad Habits From The Beginning?

Why Do Guitar Students Get Bad Habits From The Beginning?It is really very simple. And I am going to explain it to you very simply..... Playing Guitar Is a PHYSICAL Activity!Whether you know it or not, playing the guitar is

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Practicing One Thing Is Practicing Everything

Practicing One Thing Is Practicing Everything!

If you know how to learn one thing really well on guitar, you know how to learn anything. If you cannot learn one thing well, you cannot learn anything well. Correct practice for guitar changes everything! Anyone who knows how to

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How To Make A Guitar Practice Schedule – The 4 Vital Areas

Why You Should Make A Guitar Practice Schedule  Which statement describes you when you sit down to practice guitar:1)I follow my well thought out practice schedule.2) I start practicing whatever I feel like, or whatever my teacher gave me last lesson. Your

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RSI Guitar Exercises: The Best Treatment

What is the best treatment for RSI from guitar practice? There are 2 steps: 1Fix your sitting position and how you hold the guitar when practicing.2Teach your fingers how to use minimum effort with correct form, and how to relax between

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