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Feb 04

Beginner Guitar 2: Sitting & Holding The Guitar

By Jamie Andreas | Foundations Of Good Guitar Playing


Holding the guitar correctly first and indispensable step in playing the guitar easily and without pain. Many guitar students never realize that pain from guitar playing, or repetitive strain injury, begins with how they hold the guitar. Holding the guitar correctly is the first step in getting rid of guitar pain from repetitive strain injury.

It is not possible to develop the delicate muscles of the fingers unless we are holding the guitar in a balanced way. This video will give you the information you need to make sure you are holding the guitar correctly.

Dec 05

The Secret of Speed On Guitar

By Jamie Andreas | Foundations Of Good Guitar Playing

​What Kills Your Speed?

Many guitar players have trouble building speed on guitar. Until they become aware of a few extremely important facts about guitar playing, they will continue to be unable to build speed and reach a professional level of ability. These factors all have to do with excess muscle tension during playing. This muscle tension comes from these sources:

  • unbalanced sitting with the guitar
  • incorrect hand positions
  • incorrect practice approaches

The first step out of this syndrome is to become aware of this tension. The following information and exercise will help you do that....

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