must know to practice muscle memory

What You Must Know To Practice Guitar Effectively

How Fingers Learn To Play Guitar: The Power of Muscle MemoryYour fingers have this amazing ability, as does every muscle in your body, to “remember”anything they do. We all use this ability of the muscles in different ways in various

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what does correct practice mean

What Does Practicing Guitar Really Mean?

You know, you can’t get someone to take their medicine if they don’t know they have the disease! So I wrote this essay, “What is Practicing?” to get players to begin to get an awareness of what real practicing is,

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how to learn rock songs on guitar

How To Learn Rock Guitar Songs and Solos

How do we learn how to play rock guitar songs and solos so that they actually sound like the original? When a student wants to learn a  rock guitar song or solo, the student gets the tab off the internet,

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