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"Bar Chord Mastery"

Learning bar chords has never been broken down to this level of detail before.

21 powerful exercises will develop your hand for easy playing of all bar chord types.


"I  wanted to tell you that your exercises and the process that you use in the development of bar chords REALLY do work. (I know you know that but now I know that and it would be nice for other people who are muscling it out to know that!)

I used to have 
one strategy for getting a bar chord, i.e., muscle it or squeeze. Muscling it just locks me up in tension and wears me out! I can't play longer than a minute that way.

Your attention to the details necessary for proper execution of movements is awesome. Where most teachers say "Squeeze!" or "Muscle it!", you observe in microscopic detail what is needed for successful execution. You are a gift to the world of guitar pedagogy. As I now say, "trust the master!"

Kathy Black - Retired Teacher & Guitar Student

Learn these secrets of doing bar chords that take pros years to discover!

It's time you discovered the real secrets of doing bar chords easily!

No matter what style you play, bar chords will be easier when you learn these secrets!