Isnt’ the internet great! There are thousands of guitar sites and guitar lessons, all ready to teach you your favorite songs! Well, this is not one of them…………………

Guitar Principles is not about giving you more stuff to play. Why? Because you will simply play that music the same way you play everything else – and for most people, that means badly! At Guitar Principles, we teach you to play like a real guitar player, and that means someone who makes music that sounds like music.

"If you're looking for more "stuff" to play the same way you play everything're on the wrong website!"

2 Kinds of Growth On Guitar

You see, there are two kinds of progress you can make on guitar: horizontal or vertical. Which kind are you making? More importantly, which kind are you not making?

Horizontal Progress – You learn more stuff and play it all the same way. The same stumbles, the same missed notes, and finally you add it to the growing collection of “music I tried to play”. And you move on to the next song, method, or lesson. Hope springs eternal!

Vertical Progress – You fundamentally get better as a guitar player. You learn to do things you couldn’t do before, and you learn to do the things you can do even better. You get real control of your fingers, and best of all, you know how to get better, really better, every time you practice. It changes your guitar playing life. You will say what thousands of guitar students/players have said…

"If you want to (finally) dramatically improve your guitar playing, and learn how to keep getting better and better, you have found the "Holy Grail" of guitar!"

Horizontal growth is easy, and every guitar site can help you “learn more stuff”. It often means a continuation of the same old struggle.

Vertical growth is hard to come by. Guitar instruction that can make you a fundamentally better player, one who sounds more and more professional, and finally, if the work is done, sounds professional. That kind of guitar instruction is almost impossible to find.

Even though you have never seen a guitar site like that before, you are on one now!

How To Begin Vertical Growth

Most guitar students have very poor control of the left hand fingers. They struggle to play fast passages. That is because there are a few fundamental things they don't know about how guitar fingers must operate on the strings. Let's fix that right now!

If you'd like to begin your Vertical Growth on guitar, start here with Left Hand Transformation...

If you'd like to get an overview of this powerful system for guitar growth called "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar", I suggest you check out my "Guitar Success Series"...just click here

Norbert Lederer

46, doctor and guitar player

I had tried to play guitar for a year on my own from various net sources, conscientiously practicing daily. I could not make a simple open chord change decently. All my practice in vain.

Then after finding Guitar Principles, in 2 months I nailed them. Now I'm 5 months into it and improving steadily. "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" is an excellent book and would recommend it to any guitar struggler!  Keep it up! Thank you!