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A message from Jamie...

"The training I am going to give you (and your fingers) in Stage 1 Training is beyond anything you have ever experienced before. 

You will see your fingers coming under your control in a way you never thought possible - professional level guitar fingers!"

" I've made more progress in the last few months of Stage 1 Training than I have in many years practicing on my own. ".

Prashanth Padebettu

Stage 1 Graduate


Here is where Stage 1Training will
take you...

In Stage 1 Training you learn very powerful practice methods that will give you real control over your fingers. Then, you will be able to easily learn to play any style you want, and play it well. 

Nate: Stage 2 Student 

"Finger Picking Chords"

Stage 1 Training gave Nate so much control over his fingers that he easily learned to fingerpick a complex pattern while playing the chords to this classic song. 

With GUITAR PRINCIPLES 2 months you will be a new (and better) player!

What Our Students Are Saying

Carol Huddleston - Graduate 2018
watch Carol play

 "After struggling for 3 years to learn guitar by myself, I got to the point where I could strum some chords, but I could not play through any song with accuracy or speed.

 I was holding my left hand so tightly that I ended up injuring my shoulder. I knew I needed to find a different way.

Thankfully, I found Guitar Principles!.  I started taking Jamie's online courses and I am thrilled with my progress!

 She can see immediately what my problems are and gives me concrete tools to fix them. I can play a full song consistently now, and Jamie's focus on awareness and technical skills has really helped me to relax and focus.

 I feel much more confident with my playing and can't wait to get even better with her help. Thanks Jamie!

David McKennet - Graduate 2018

I'm SO feeling a positive effect on my guitar practice now that I've begun Jamie's online class "Stage 1 Foundation Training. 

The wealth of support, guidance and tools at my fingertips are more than I expected. 

Jamie's methodology is unique in that it offers her students unlimited improvement potential.

 If you want to take your playing to a whole new' level, or if you're just starting on your guitar-playing journey, I believe Jamie offers the most effective and satisfying teaching program ever. 

Zane Blom - Graduate 2020

So many of us quit the guitar. It's unfortunate because there are a lot of deserving people who, if given the correct tools, would really shine!

In happening upon this class, you have afforded yourself a one-of-a-kind chance at fulfilling your dream. I hope you take that chance!

This is month six for me as a student of Guitar Principles. Prior to this I could go a month without meaningful improvement.

Whereas now, I could tell you in specifics what I improved upon in my last hour of practice. That is sound evidence of the unique gifts this course will give you.

My sincere thanks to Jamie and my best wishes to you on your transformative journey!