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How Do I Start?

All of the essential training for a lifetime of truly enjoyable guitar playing is gotten in the Foundation Training in "The Principles". And the fastest, easiest and best way to get that training in your fingers, is found in my "Stage 1 Training Class".

Stage 1 Training Will Teach You...

 How tension becomes "locked-in" to muscles when you practice without sufficient awareness.....

 How and why you adapt to that level of tension, how you are limited by it, and how, as time goes by, you consider it "normal".....

 How you can cultivate "microscopic awareness", and how this awareness will allow you to practice with a new level of relaxation, "un-locking" the tension from the body, and how over time, muscle memory will help you build an entirely new foundation of technique.....

 How playing the guitar will become an entirely new experience. What seemed hard (because you were really fighting your own "locked-in" muscle tension) will now be, and feel, EASY!

Are you ready to make a commitment to excellence on guitar? Are you ready to find out how good you could really be ?

If so, you may want to check out this tremendous opportunity to get "Stage 1 Training".  

Get the Stage 1 Training you need for guitar excellence... from the Master herself!

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Stage 1 Training Class