Rock & Blues Essentials

What You Need To Know About Rock Scales On Guitar...but won't find in other rock guitar lessons!

How To Play A Rock Scale Correctly On Guitar

As you will learn in this lesson, the fingering usually given for this scale is NOT the fingering that real players use when soloing off this scale. Here you will learn the correct fingering, from which all the common licks are played,

Also, you will learn details of left hand positioning as you play the scale that are necessary for fast and easy playing of this scale. Without this, string bending is made difficult or impossible...

  • Learn the CORRECT Fingers to use!
  • Learn the DETAILS of left hand position!
  • Rock & Blues Course

    Rock Scales On Guitar - Learn Them Correctly!

    Our Rock & Blues Course gives you all the essentials of the style, in greater detail than you'll find anywhere else.

    A comprehensive course on playing electric guitar and all you need to know about the micro-details of finger action when playing Pentatonic Scales & Licks.

    The Rock & Blues Course covers all 5 Minor Pentatonic Scales with GOOD, sensible, and usable fingerings, as well as the music theory behind the Pentatonic Scales.

    The essential licks from each scale are covered with detailed video explanations, fingering, pick strokes, etc. A solo demonstration is included for each scale, illustrating the use of each lick, PLUS audio and video samples, FAST and SLOW with detailed verbal and visual explanations.

    Also in this course is the inside details on the mechanics of a good bending and vibrato, and practice routines that will enable you to master these essential skills as well as practice routines for developing string muting, string damping, and string raking.

    ​​​"None of my guitar instructors and none of the countless DVDs that I have purchased over the last 7 years have really taught me to bend strings. Skip your next lesson with your local instructor and check this material out if this is your situation.

    This DVD will teach you how to bend strings musically. I'm looking forward to taking my next lesson from my local guitar teacher, when he gloats about how he taught me to solo so well, I can mention this DVD as the source of the real learning. I highly recommend this product and would trade a huge stack of instructional DVDs and books for it."...........
    Thanks Jamie.......Shaune


    Minor Pentatonic Scale #1
    (Get Off The See-Saw)

    The Basic Bends - Bending Technique (Finding The Right Pitch On Bends)

    Our First Blues Solo - Solo #1 (Understanding the 12 Bar Blues Shuffle)

    Essential Licks From Scale #1 (The Proper Shape Of A Bend)

    Essential Licks - Continued

    Solo #2 - Using The Essential Licks (Successive Bends - The Quick Release)

    String Muting & Damping


    Playing in Different Keys (The 5 Fret Rule)

    Scale #1 & 2

    Essential Licks From Scale #1&2

    Solo #3 - Using Scale #1&2

    Understanding The Notes Of The Minor Pentatonic

    Scale #3

    Solo #4 - Using Scale #3

    Scale #4

    Solo #5 - Using Scale #4

    Scale #5

    Solo #6 - Using Scale #5

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