Bar Chord Mastery Course [CD-Rom]

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Learning bar chords has never been broken down to this level of detail before, and the powerful exercises found herein will develop your hand for easy playing of all bar chord types. Includes the relevant anatomy.


This course contains 20 powerful exercises that will prepare your fingers for the precise balance of strength, relaxation, and control that is essential for easy playing of bar chords on guitar.

Course highlights include:

  • Special exercises to gain the ability to bar on guiar
  • training the fingers to be relaxed during the bar
  • “Secrets” that make barring easier
  • What to avoid when practicing bars
  • How to change positions with bar chords
  • Precise use of all joints for maximum control and relaxation when barring.
  • Mastering the 6th and 5th Root Major Chords
  • How to modify the basic bar chord to obtain dozens of other chords
  • Secrets of the 4 string bar and its chords
  • Secrets of the 3 string bar and its chords
  • How to do the 3rd finger bar and its chords


Product Details

Title: Bar Chord Mastery Course
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2013)
Format: CD-ROM**
Language: English

ISBN#: 978-0-9755285-7-0

**Note on Format:This course can be played from your DVD drive, as is standard in most computers. It is then displayed through your browser. It can not be played in a standard DVD player connected to your television.



By Nancy Watson on January 28, 2016
Well organized, easy to follow, step by step bar chord teaching that is a great self-study guide to developing this important skill.

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