Class Excerpt - What Is No Tempo Practice?

This excerpt from my online guitar class "Getting Started With The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar", where players of all levels and styles FINALLY learn how to train their finger for professional level playing.

Stage 1 Class: February 10, 2018


Topic: No Tempo Practice


No tempo practice is the foundation of “The Principles” and the most important and powerful practice method we use to build a strong foundation of technique. And yet, actually doing it properly is the first challenge every student of “The Principles” faces. The tendency to practice too fast, and not pay attention to what the body and fingers are really doing is strong, and common. It is also the biggest obstacle to your growth on guitar.

Simply put, if you do not do proper no tempo practice on every skill you learn, you will not reach your true potential on guitar. At the start of this class, I talk about one students comment that “she would be mortified to practice so slowly”. This attitude comes from ignorance and ego, and will guarantee that this student keeps all the playing problems she currently has that prevent her from actually making music.


Practice Principles
By Larry Dye on July 19, 2018
I have been trying off and on for 50 years to play the guitar. I could get so far and then hit a brick wall. I took lessons. I bought DVD's and guitar courses. I thought that if I could just become an "intermediate player" the world of guitar playing would open up for me. But I just couldn't quite get there. Then about 6 months ago I read a review of Jamie's The Yoga Of Guitar. That seemed interesting, so I bought the Guitar Principles book and videos. There was stuff that nobody had ever told me. I started seeing many problems that I had as a guitarist. So when she opened the online classes, I was able to get into the second class. I completed that and am now in the Stage 2 class. I have made more progress on this guitar journey with the Practice Principles than in in the past 50 years of floundering around looking for the Holy Grail of Guitar playing. I think that it is too bad that someone didn't give me this instruction when I was a teenager. I wanted to play so bad, but had no idea. I now feel like I am well on my way to becoming the intermediate player that I have been striving for.
By Jan on July 17, 2018
Started my guitar journey almost 9 years ago. Attended a couple of group lessons and continued with learning from videos and books. I have spent so much money on learning materials that I probably qualify as a platinum customer for the guitar education industry.
Last couple of years I have felt that my development have stopped. I was beginning to think that my limit was close and I would not get much better. This was mainly due to lack of speed and hand syncronization.
Accidently I found a live session with Jamie on Truefire. She addressed exactly what I have been looking for and I joined her online group.
I found out pretty quick that I had some major gaps in my technique and training methods. In just four short months I have reached levels I thought I would never reach. In addition I have also learned how to address new challenges that will come.
Thank you Jamie, you are a gift to guitar students!
Teaching Is Spot On!!!
By Frank Agosta on July 16, 2018
Jamie's method of teaching her students is spot on, especially for adults who have been playing for a while. She knows how to train students out of bad habits and into good ones. She shows you how and why you must correct even the smallest of movements to be a good guitar player. I am more hopeful than I ever have been that learning these techniques will take my playing to the next level.

The teleconferencing method of having a lesson is working and it has been fun meeting new people from around the world.

Jamie is a good teacher who truly cares about her students and wants them to be better guitar players and musicians.

Thanks Jaime!
By Haim Behar on July 15, 2018
Jamie's online guitar classes have made a huge impact on my guitar playing. Under her very watchful eye the corrections she advises are always helpful and make immediate improvements. Her wisdom and encouragement complement her unique teaching methods. I look forward to every class. I recommend Jamie's guitar learning materials and online classes to anyone wishing to learn or improve their guitar playing.
By Senthil on July 15, 2018
I was trying different guitar classes/teachers or searching for different online guitar courses before joining Jamie's guitar principles course. I was neither satisfied nor able to continue with my previous attempts as i was not getting any benefits out, irrespective of multiple tries. in fact i thought i may not find right teacher for me. Recently I was reading a book on personality development where it was talking about principles of doing things. it was explaining, that if you master the principle of any matter than you can be expert on that area. I immediately searched on internet to find if any course available on principles of guitar learning. I landed on and i am experiencing true way of learning guitar. Earlier i was struggling to play fingering correctly but now i am able to play naturally and the techniques that i am learning gives me confidence that i will be a good guitar player!
By Tom Jobling on July 15, 2018
Jamie's classes are always interesting and engaging. She introduces new material every week and has the students post a video of their practicing the assigned exercises on the group's Facebook page. This way everyone can see/share how everyone is doing. She also provides individual feedback and coaching in subsequent classes. It is amazing how much you learn from watching your classmates work on the same stuff you do.

It is not all mechanics and exercises. There are discussions of practicing versus playing, moving from being a student of the guitar to being a musician who plays guitar, leaving your ego at the door, and much more. Jamie's approach is unique.

Jamie has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in teaching the guitar.
So Happy I found Guitar Principles
By Jody Harry on July 15, 2018
Jamie teaches more than how to play the guitar - she teaches you how to be a guitar player. No matter where you are in your guitar education her method will help you to become better and more confident. With Jamie's help I finally feel like I am on the right track and now I look forward to every practice because I know I'm making progress.
Take the chance!
By Zane Blom on July 14, 2018
So many of us quit the guitar. It’s unfortunate because there are a lot of deserving people who, if given the correct tools, would really shine! In happening upon this site, you have afforded yourself a one-of-a-kind chance at fulfilling your dream. I hope you take that chance!

This is month six for me as a student of Guitar Principles. Prior to this I could go a month without meaningful improvement. Whereas now, I could tell you in specifics what I improved upon in my last hour of practice. That is sound evidence of the unique gifts this course will give you. My sincere thanks to Jamie and my best wishes to you on your transformative journey!
I use No Tempo with every new skill I learn in guitar
By Karen Aiken on July 14, 2018
Since joining Jamie's guitar course, I finally am improving and progressing in my learning of guitar. As a beginner I have tried to learn chords, chord changing, strumming, understand and learn scales, etc. unsuccessfully but Jamie's method of teaching guitar has given me hope by helping to train and strengthen my fingers to achieve new heights. I am so thankful I have Jamie as my guitar teacher. She knows what she is talking about and she will help you improve wherever you are, in your guitar playing.

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