Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course


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Learn the "secrets" Jamie uses to practice and play "Recuerdos de la Alhambra". Here is a piece you will learn in this course, "Allegro" by Mauro Giuliani.

This course download is a step by step “Principled” approach to using "Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1" as a basic textbook for developing a solid technique which will enable you to reach the highest levels of playing the classical and fingerstyle guitar. The course contains effective practice methods never before published anywhere, and they are based on vitally important analysis and information about the essence of fingerstyle guitar technique.
The 78 pages of this course download are covered in 6 sections, or Groups; complete each group at your own pace. It is specially designed for beginners as well as for advanced players seeking to remove playing problems.

...Will Enable You To Master These Vital Techniques

*Coordinated action of thumb on basses and fingers free stroke on top melody
*Thumb, index, middle picking patterns
*Complex left hand movements made simple
*Fingers Rest Stroke on Melody with Thumb Bass Accompaniment
*2, 3 and 4 notes adjacent strings free stroke
*6 note arpeggio patterns
*Thumb Rest Stroke

Found only in this course....

New Understandings
*The Cycle Of The Note
*Left Hand Force Configurations
*The Effect Of Finger Action On The Thumb
*Pressure Placement

New Tools/Techniques
*Finger Leaves
*Action Cues
*The Touching Technique
*Condensed Chords
*Continuous Contact
*The Thumb Lean

*Proper Training of the i-a combination
*Proper Training of the 2 fingers Free Stroke-Same String/Adjacent Strings
*Proper Training of 3 Fingers Free Stroke-Same String (TREMOLO)/Adjacent Strings


You can use either a classical, nylon string guitar, or a steel string acoustic. You can play with or without fingernails. Fingerpicks are not recommended. Two textbooks are required:

“The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar” (order here)

and Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1" (order here). Note: Many people already have the old edition of this book. A newer edition has been published, and the page numbers are different. However, you can use either the new or old edition with this course, as it contains the proper page references to both editions.

From the Author

"Throughout my life I have met people who "finished" the Aaron Shearer Classical Guitar Technique, Volume One. However, when I ask them to play something from the book, they are not even able to get through one piece without breaking down completely from innumerable mistakes. That is because the Aaron Shearer book, as logical a method as it is, does not contain the essential knowledge and methods that you actually need to master the material in the book itself.

That is what my course does. No matter whether you are a beginner or a long time player, it gives you everything you need to know to master the material in this course and create the foundation for higher levels of development on the classical or fingerstyle guitar. Here's proof:

I am overjoyed to announce to you this course of study available at Guitar Principles, "The Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course". It will train you, right from the beginning, in all the essential skills and knowledge that you need to become as much of a master of the classical or fingerstyle guitar as you wish to become. You will be learning at the very beginning what it took me a lifetime to learn!

After seeing so many students over the years struggling to play the classical repertoire because of a deeply flawed foundation of technique, practice approach, and guitar playing mechanics, I have created this course as the answer to these problems. It gives you what no other course can, as you will see. I use Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1 as a basic textbook and give you note by note guidance through every page, telling you the playing and practicing secrets that will make the difference between great playing and great struggle.

The reason I have chosen this book is because the exercises contained therein, if practiced correctly, give you complete training in the most intricate part of classical/fingerstyle technique: the sophisticated use of the right hand. There is nothing like being able to play ALL the parts of a song… melody, accompanying chords, and bass line, all at once, on one guitar! Throughout the entire course, many concepts and practice approaches will be introduced which will make an amazing difference in your guitar playing.

And the best part is that all the concepts and techniques that you learn here will not just enable you to master what is in this course, it will also enable you to go as far as you want on the Classical or Fingerstyle guitar! Knowing and using these tools, like The Principles themselves, will give you an unbelievable advantage and you will use this knowledge for the rest of your guitar playing life."

Happy Practicing,

Product Details
Title: Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2005)
Format: Instant Download
Language: English

Please note: This download is a zip file. After you download and save it to your computer, you may right click the zip file and select "extract", in order to unzip the contents of this download. Also, downloadable courses are non-refundable. If you need guidance on which course is right for you, contact

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