How To Master a Scale

Description: Note by note detailed finger instructions for the 2nd position G Major Scale, the first full scale you should master. Contained in this course is an essential set of concepts and exercises designed to develop the left hand for mastery of scales, and instruction on how to practice the separate finger movements that make up scales.

The 2nd position G major scale contains a number of common features found in all other scales, as well as a few unique challenges. Learning the logic of how best to have the fingers behave with this scale will serve as a model for the learning of all other scales.

From the Author

“Playing fast scales is something most guitarists earnestly wish to do, need to do, and sadly, have a lot of trouble doing! Scales are extremely complex, made up of many separate skills that must be mastered, and precisely combined. These separate skills are never separately taught, instead, many students receive one or more complete scales to "learn" on their first lesson!

Struggling to play scales with completely unprepared fingers locks tension into the fingers, hands, arms and beyond - tension that can and usually does last a lifetime! This is why so many guitarists play sloppy scales that sound worse the faster they go, and really, are unsafe at any speed!

The reason I devised this course is to unlock all the mysteries and complexities in learning scales, and for students to start off on the right footing so that the mastery of scales becomes a real goal that can be obtained by any student who studies my course.

Remember "practicing one thing is practicing everything", and this is especially true with scales. Most people learn lots of scales, and play them all badly! It is much better to focus on one scale, learn it correctly, and build speed with it, and then use the knowledge and ability gained to master all other scales.”...Jamie

Product Details

Title: How To Master a Scale
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2005)
Format: Instant Download
Language: English

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