The Six Essential Major Scales

Description: This course is the most organized and effective method you will find for learning these complex but essential patterns on guitar. You will master ALL the Major Scales, all of their arpeggios, and all of their modes. The knowledge of the fretboard and fingerboard harmony this course gives to you is invaluable.

What you will get from this course:

? The 6 Essential Scale Forms, with all modes and arpeggios

? Diagrams of all scales and arpeggios

? Detailed video instruction on finger movement for each scale, each arpeggio, and connecting each arpeggio

? All arpeggio connections through the chord scale of each key in written form (tab and notes) and video demonstration

? Chord backgrounds for practice of scales, modes, and arpeggios
practice routines to effectively learn all the material

? Arpeggios ARE chords. when you know these patterns, all chords are easily visualized all over the neck

? Gives you a framework of understanding of the guitar neck that makes learning and memorizing easier and faster.

? Will bring you to a new level in playing, improvising, arranging, and chord melody

Product Details

Title: The 6 Essential Scales with Modes & Arpeggios
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2009)
Format: Instant Download
Language: English

Please note: This download is a zip file. After you download and save it to your computer, you may right click the file and select "extract", in order to unzip the contents of this download. Also, downloadable courses are non-refundable. If you need guidance on which course is right for you, contact

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