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Isn't it time to stop wasting money on guitar methods that don't bring results?

Really learn to play rock guitar with our Rock & Blues Foundation Course, by learning the "secrets" and hidden mechanics of bends, vibrato, all 5 scales and their Essential Licks, and much much more.....

Chris did, as you can see in this it's YOUR turn!

Description: A comprehensive course on playing electric guitar and all you need to know about the micro-details of finger action when playing Pentatonic Scales & Licks.

The Rock & Blues Course covers all 5 Minor Pentatonic Scales with GOOD, sensible, and usable fingerings, as well as the music theory behind the Pentatonic Scales. The essential licks from each scale are covered with detailed video explanations, fingering, pick strokes, etc. A solo demonstration is included for each scale, illustrating the use of each lick, PLUS audio and video samples, FAST and SLOW with detailed verbal and visual explanations.

Also in this course is the inside details on the mechanics of a good bending and vibrato, and practice routines that will enable you to master these essential skills as well as practice routines for developing string muting, string damping, and string raking.


The Lessons

1: Minor Pentatonic Scale #1 (Get Off The See-Saw)
2: The Basic Bends - Bending Technique (Finding The Right Pitch On Bends)
3: Our First Blues Solo - Solo #1 (Understanding the 12 Bar Blues Shuffle)
4: Essential Licks From Scale #1 (The Proper Shape Of A Bend)
5: Essential Licks - Continued
6: Solo #2 - Using The Essential Licks (Successive Bends - The Quick Release)
7: String Muting & Damping
8: Vibrato
9: Playing in Different Keys (The 5 Fret Rule)
10: Scale #1 & 2
11: Essential Licks From Scale #1&2
12: Solo #3 - Using Scale #1&2
13: Understanding The Notes Of The Minor Pentatonic
14: Scale #3
15: Solo #4 - Using Scale #3
16: Scale #4
17: Solo #5 - Using Scale #4
18: Scale #5
19: Solo #6 - Using Scale #5
20: Go From Here


What you will get from the "Rock & Blues Foundation Course"


Here is your chance to get what you really need to get good, and keep getting better, on electric guitar in Rock & Blues. Here is a sampling of what is contained in the course:


From the Author

“This is the most complete course in Rock & Blues Electric Guitar ever created. There is nothing remotely close to it, and in fact, that is why it was created!

Most instructional materials assume a ridiculously unrealistic competency on the part of the student, teaching advanced licks and calling them "beginner" licks, as students who don't even know how to do a proper bend struggle to "get it", and unfortunately, it "gets them" instead, as they build in dangerous and debilitating habits of tension. Every practice session takes them further from their goals, and their music remains in an amateurish state.

I don't just "present" the material to you, I teach it to you!"...Jamie


Product Details

Title: Rock & Blues Electric Guitar Foundation Course Download
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2007)
Format: HTML Files with video links
Language: English

ISBN#: 978-0-9755285-7-0

**Note on Format:This course can be played from your computers hard drive. The pages will open in your browser.



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