Hammers & Pulls with The Principles -Expanded Edition


After payment, you will receive a link to download "Hammers & Pulls -Expaned Edition". You will receive 1 PDF (48 pages) with 19 mp4 videos (90 minutes playing time).

The most detailed, powerful training you will find on Hammers & Pulls on Guitar- 2 Essential Techniques used in ALL styles of guitar.

Hammers and pulls require extra strength from the small muscles in the hand, but even more important, each finger must be able to use that strength without crippling the other fingers with tension or pulling them away from the strings.

You need special exercises that are specifically designed to give your fingers this ability, and this course is the only place you are going to find those exercises. Oh sure, you'll find thousands of so-called training exercises. but your fingers will just get tied in knots trying to do them.

The exercises in this course give your fingers the basic training they really need in order to play hammers and pulls with speed, accuracy, and a good sound.

As with all guiar principles products, every aspect of this vital area of guitar technique has been thoroughly analyzed, and teaching methods have been developed that guitar students can understand, use, and best of all, see real results.

This new expanded edition includes important techniques such as doing doing trills, which means fast hammers & pulls together, doing trills while holding a bar, doing trills while holding 1 down, and the difference between doing hammers and pulls on acoustic and electric -all demonstrated in great detail with 90 min of video instruction.

I show you how to build each one of these techniques from a very slow speed up to the super fast speeds used by professional players.
Hammer & pull practice on guitar builds great strength and control into the fingers, and you will notice an improvement in everything you play.

If you are serious about your guitar playing, you need to master hammers & pulls on guitar, and the best way to do that is to get my course "Hammers & Pulls On Guitar with The Princples". Then, you'll feel confident that you can handle these techniques any time they come up in the music you play.

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Title: Hammers & Pulls with The Principles - Expanded Edition
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2015)
Format: 1 PDF's 48 pages with 19 videos (90 minute playing time)
Language: English

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