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 First Chords & Songs
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Description: This 36 page PDF + 11 Videos is a step by step, finger by finger system for learning your first chords in a way that produces relaxed playing and smooth chord changes. In addition, the methods taught for learning your first chords can be applied to all chord changes. The first part of this book teaches the student the rudiments of learning chords, starting with the “Easy G Chord”, and developing your hand to easily switch between the full G, D, Em and C chords.

You will learn how to manipulate the fingers into the shapes demanded by each chord, as well as how to get from one shape to another. The step by step detailed instructions will enable the student to make music by learning to play and switch chords, and providing the harmonic background for singing, or other melodic accompaniment.

The practice techniques and hand development you gain from study of this course will enable you to be successful with all the other chords you study.

 From the Author

“Most beginners do not realize that there are ways of changing chords that make it easy to do, and there are ways that make it very difficult! Unfortunately, they are never taught the easy, and best ways. No, they are simply given a few chord charts, and told to practice switching from one to another!

Well over half of all students who try to learn guitar quit in frustration because they have such trouble getting to "first base" (learning how to switch chords well enough to strum and sing a song). They just assume they don't have the talent.

This is completely untrue. I have taught thousands of students with the methods in "First Chords & Songs", students who were struggling to change chords at first and who now play a song all the way through without stopping and starting at each chord change.


Product Details

Title: The Guitar Principles First Chords & Songs
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2016)
PDF: 35 pgs.
MP4 Video: 11 videos, 38 minutes running time, 2.57 GB



Language: English
ISBN#: 978-0-9755285-4-9

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