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Description: You can get the complete contents of the "Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar", book & DVD, with lifetime online access, and streaming on all devices.

With the Principles Book & DVD you have everything you need to start to train both hands for professional level playing ability.

Left Hand: Get the flexibility and control you need for playing chords, scales and all the basic moves required on guitar. This training is the necessary preparation your fingers need for the higher levels of development to come later.

Right Hand: Learn the real secrets of great picking ability, which is the ability to place force correctly on the strings, with maximim relaxation and control of the hand and arm during picking. All picking problems start in the beginning, and this training fixes or prevents them.

You also get one-of-a-kind training for complete control of the fingers in all fingerpicking styles of guitar. Best of all, you learn how to practice for maximum results from every practice session! All of your progress on guitar depends on how you practice, so this is really the most important thing you can learn (and you won't learn it anywhere else!).


Note: This course is perfect for the new player who wants to make sure they do not build in bad habits from the beginning, and also for the long time player who needs to go back to the fundamentals. If your playing has not fundamentally improved for a while, it means  that the basics of correct practice need to be re-addressed.


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