The Principles E-Book

In my honest opinion, this book is the BEST guitar instruction book ever written. It delves into the fundamentals that lay the foundation for guitar excellence--fundamentals that most guitar instruction books never even mention. The book features techniques that enable a student of any level to begin to practice right and play right. It teaches anyone to be a better player through a systematic approach to focused practice and self-awareness that enables the player to identify sources of tension and identify and correct playing problems so that real growth can occur. I consider the book to be "must reading" for anyone taking up the guitar and I would never recommend any student go to any guitar instructor who has not read this book and incorporated its principles into his or her teaching. I have no financial interest whatsoever in this book--I just feel really strongly about this book being the single most valuable book available for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar, improve their own level of proficiency, or teach anyone else to be a better guitar player.

Charles W. Boone, 05/17/2008
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