Webcam Lesson

I play rhythm guitar in an old-time string band, and I’ve had all kinds of lessons: private, group workshops, guitar camp. I learned many useful things, but I was on a years-long plateau. I tried to teach myself scales but my fingers were jumping all over the place and wouldn’t stay quiet. My bar chords didn’t always sound clean. I was unable to bring out the beauty of my guitar.
Then I started taking lessons with Jamie. Most people don’t realize that to become a great (or even good) guitar player, hand and finger agility must be systematically developed. Jamie is one of the very few who has the ability and patience to do this with students.
I can feel myself improving every single week. I am free of the pain I used to have when playing for long periods of time. I can play complex bass runs that evoke appreciative grins from my bandmates. I am becoming the guitar player I always wanted to be.
Taking lessons with Jamie is one of the best decisions I have made as a musician, and I’m so grateful to have found her.

Linda Schack, 01/02/2024
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