Jamie Andreas with "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

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"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"!

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Class begins Saturday Sept 10th, 9:30am PDT

Get a head start by checking out all the awesome material in the classroom!

How The Foundation Exercises Build Skill

In our "Stage 1 Training Class" we are going to cover all the Foundation Exercises in "The Principles". These exercises teach the fingers the most fundamental skills needed for all actions we do on the guitar. Virtually all guitar instruction attempts to teach students to play actual music, but unless the fundamental skills are there, playing music is difficult or impossible. 

As you do the Foundation Exercises (and I will make sure you do them correctly) you will see all your playing improve. Your fingers will move faster, more easily and with more control than ever before.

The Exercises

The Right Hand String Shifting Exercise (Principles Chapter 3) : This exercise gives you the fundamental skills required for all good picking and fingerpicking. In the video below, you will see 3 students do this exercise. Then you will see the great pick and finger control they developed. 

The Left Hand Foundation Exercises (Principles Chapter 4) : This series of exercises give you expert control of the 3 essential left hand finger combinations - fingers 1-4, 1-3, and 1-2. This makes it possible to play all your music with ease, relaxation and control.

In the video below, you will see Nate, Kaori and Chris use the picking skill they developed to play the left hand exercises with great skill. This means fast scale passages and easy finger movement are now possible for them.  

What you will see in this video is what will happen for you in my "Stage 1 Training Class"!

Watch this short video and meet Nate, Kaori and Chris. 

Watch their fingers go from slow to fast as they do deliberate and correct practice to train them. This is the secret of great guitar playing! 

Orientation Asset #1

Video: Deliberate Practice

Orientation Asset #2

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Video: Doing the Foundation Exercises

Orientation Asset #3

Video 3

Orientation Asset #4

Video 4

Download the 
"Principles Progress Charts" 
You will use these to track your progress week by week as your fingers reach
new levels of speed and skill. 

  • Track your picking as you find yourself playing faster and faster, with power and control!
  • Measure the progress of your left hand as your fingers learn to walk and then run on the strings like a pro!
  • Feel a new sense of confidence that the time you invest in practicing is really paying off!