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Now it is time to really get to work and train the fretting hand, the hand that plays on the neck. This will be the left hand for right-handed players, and the right hand for left-handed players.

Getting The "Light Finger"

For most guitar students, the first time a finger touched a string, that fingers was tight and tense. And, the arm and shoulder it was connected to was tight and tense as well. Practicing like this will either end or cripple your guitar playing career.

Here is the salvation for all aspiring guitar players. I am talking about learning to have the necessary Finger Lightness. You are going to learn a simple exercise for developing the proper relaxation in the arm and fingers that you must have before actually pressing on the strings to make notes.

Watch the video to begin training your left hand for easy operation on the guitar. This means learning how to touch the strings with the Light Finger.

This video is taken from "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" Foundation Training Course.......​