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"7 Things You Must Do To Get Better On Guitar!"

7 guitar practice tips you must use to get better on guitar

These are the practice habits and methods the pros use to play awesome guitar.

When you use them, your playing will start moving to the pro level!

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7 Things You Must Do To Get Better On Guitar

1. Get rid of tension that is ruining finger control by watching your fingers.

2. Learn the best way to hold the guitar that increases finger control. 

3. MISTAKES - discover why they happen.

4. PLAYING PROBLEMS - how to learn from them and fix them.

5. Record yourself frequently to learn where the problems are - don't avoid this!

6. Build a repertoire. Don't go from song to song and never learn a whole song!

7. Learn to use a metronome. All the pros use one to build speed step by step.

guitar success series by jamie andreas


My "Guitar Success Series" will teach you the most important things I teach all my students. 

If these things are wrong, all you will get is frustration from guitar practice!


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