The Principles E-Book

I first bought this book before I entered a music school. I read it and find it great with all the wise idear about how you should practise and be with your guitar.
After I spend one semester working and practising hard, nothing was coming. My level was the same, I was struggling with the guitar and could not do a lots of things. In fact, the only thing I could do was create frustation with myself. My progress were short.

I read back this book one month ago. Everything has changed. The value inside is not easy to describe.
Not easy to state the change it made.
I've had seven teachers before I came to this book. And no one ever explain to me the principles which are in this book. Briefly, the clear text (very well written) dissect all aspects of how your fingers move ; the fingers'arm'shoulder' relationship. How you have to seat and listen your body while you practise or play, how you have to focus with your mind about the things happening while you play. And it is only one part of all the vasts topics covered.
This book is written by a dedicated person ( great virtuose) who has been taught over twenty years (I don't know maybe more) and have seen over 2000 guitar'studends.
the author explain how works the fingers, the hands, the muscle memory and how you can work with and be with and train them. This is something I think 90% of the guitarist on earth are not aware of.
So I was...
I did some boudhist meditation for a couple of years, before I came accross to this book. So I was quite happy to start focus'exercices through guitar. So I can say I am use (a little bit) to focus on something and train my mind. I can understand why I went through the first time and never noticed what could de done with this book. I was not ready.
No I am................................(It changed my life !!! )

I 've not been in all the method'books of the planet, but I possess quite a few and... what can I say ?
No one match this one... It is the book every body who want to really learn guitar should start with...
It explains everything how your bodyworks...
It is a mix of the Alexander technique + Stanislavsky technique applied to the guitar.

It is the beginning of a long path...

I would say ... music is love.... and this book uncovered everything in you body to make the music come.

If you apply this principles, you can't failed but discover your failures or why you were stick.
Except being already a great virtuose (even though you should read this book) I recommend this book to every guitarist...

music is love, 02/03/2010
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