The best way to learn to play the guitar

Welcome to Guitar Principles!

Learn to play guitar without pain, bad habits, or struggle!

I will show you how to practice correctly, and get maximum results from every practice session.

Jamie Andreas
Author of The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar

Learn to play guitar without pain, bad habits, or struggle!

Welcome to Guitar Principles!

I will show you how to practice correctly, and get maximum results from every practice session.

Jamie Andreas, Author of The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar

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What is Guitar Principles?

  • A comprehensive system for guitar mastery that starts beginners with no bad habits
  • A collection of training methods for guitar that solves longstanding problems and gets  players off their plateau
  • An effective practice system that gives you maximum results every time you practice
  • Exercises that give you professional level technique and leads you to "effortless playing"

The Power of "The Principles"

Watch how 3 guitar students got pro level fingers with "The Principles"...

How much time & money have you wasted trying to learn guitar?

The "Guitar Success Series" teaches you the real secrets of guitar success that no one has ever told you before.

Learn why you don't get better, no matter how much you practice...and how to start seeing real progress every time you practice!

Who is it for?

Guitar Principles is for any guitar player who has made a commitment to excellence. No matter what style you play, beginner or long time player - if you want to learn how to be as good a guitar player as you can possibly be, you are in the right place.

Jamie teaching guitar

This student traveled from New York to Las Vegas to achieve guitar excellence.

William Rustrum  //  Guitarist / Teacher
Los Angeles, CA

... Jamie's work is so incredibly unique and necessary

As a professional musician and music educator, I'm living proof that what Jamie teaches is completely valid, and it works!

If someone only wants to learn the chords of a song or the scales on a guitar neck, geez they don't need to pay me or any other teacher. Use google and find that info for free. But "how" to play these things? Much different story, and Jamie is THE master at this!

What Guitar Principles Can Do For You...

  • 1
    Completely remove confusion from your practice. You will know and feel you are getting better with each practice session. 
  • 2
    Give you a step by step system for developing real finger control that leads to effortless playing
  • 3
    Special methods to master all aspects of guitar technique, including scales, hammers & pulls, bar chords, etc. 
  • 4
    You will enjoy and look forward to every practice session
  • 5
    You will know you can become as good on guitar as you are willing to work for
  • 6
    You will finally be able to really play all those guitars you have collected, and that pile of music on the shelf!

What makes Guitar Principles so different?

Ordinary Guitar Instruction

  • They tell you "what" to play, but never "how" to teach your fingers to play it!
  • Constant struggle with one thing, then you get something else to struggle with so you feel you are progressing - you know you're not
  • Time goes by, you wonder what is wrong with you - no talent?
  • You feel desperate and go through cycles of quitting and then buying another guitar to "try again"
  • Years go by, you have lots of guitars and methods, but no ability to play
  • Nothing you buy or try seems to make you any better and get you off your plateau
  • No matter how much you practice a song, it never gets any better. You know pieces of lots of songs. 
  • You can't play anything without falling apart - especially when you play for friends!

Guitar Principles Instruction

  • Clear step by step guidance on every necessary aspect of building real skill on guitar 
  • You learn exactly what your fingers need to do at every stage of development
  • You look forward to every practice session. You see and feel yourself getting better every time you practice!
  • You get a wonderful new confidence about being able to overcome any problem you have on guitar
  • As time goes by, you have a solid repertoire of music you can actually play!
  • You learn specific methods for eliminating all bad finger habits you already have
  • Your fingers will begin to work like professional guitar fingers
  • You become knows as a really good guitar player. What a great feeling!

Get Started Right Now!

What you get:

  • Powerful methods for relaxing your left hand
  • Learn how to use your fingers like the pros do. 
  • How to discover deadly tension in the fingers that are ruining your playing. 

What it does:

  • You can move your fingers easily on the strings. 
  • You will change chords quickly and easily
  • Learning new music becomes fun & easy! 

It's free, no email address required.

David Pike  //  Guitarist & Performer

... recognized the need to understand how our bodies and brains work

I look around at the state of instruction for guitar, and I only find one person out of all guitar educators, who bases instruction on the science of producing sound, the biomechanics of doing it, and the neurology of learning to do it well.

Jamie Andreas, of course. I just don't understand how out of 7 billion of us, only one has recognized the need to understand how our bodies and brains work, and how to apply that to playing and teaching guitar.

Learning Guitar Is Not A Mystery!

Learning to play guitar does not have to be difficult. Learning to play guitar does not have to be a hit-or-miss affair, works for some, not for others. There is an absolutely sure fire way of training your fingers and yourself to be as good a guitar player as you want to be and are willing to work for.

I have created that method and have been proving it works in the 47 years I have been teaching guitar. 

I call this method "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". It has created thousands of good (and many great) guitar players, many who had given up any hope of learning after trying every other guitar method and lesson out there. 

About Jamie Andreas

Hi, my name is Jamie Andreas. 

I started playing guitar at age 14, and teaching at 17. In my first two years of teaching, I was troubled that so many students just didn't "get it", they just couldn't get their fingers to do what my fingers found easy to do. I was so upset at taking people's money and not delivering results that I quit teaching guitar. Until...

A few years later, I began to take the mystery out of learning guitar. I studied the science of motor control learning, how muscles learn movements. I studied anatomy. I went back to teaching guitar with a whole new viewpoint. I experimented with my methods.

I developed a powerful system for learning guitar that worked for everyone who used it. It didn't matter what style of music, or what the age or background of the student. If you have  fingers, and follow my methods, you will become a good guitar player. 

Jamie Andreas, author
"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

I want everyone who wants to learn to play guitar to succeed. I get very upset when I meet someone who has been buying guitars and lessons for years, and still can't play! 

I hope you will give me the chance to prove the power of "The Principles". You will finally discover how good a guitar player you can really be!  A good place to start is to discover what "Correct Practice" really means...

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