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Stacey - Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas


Jamie, I just want to say Thank You for your practice method and teaching guidance!

We had new friends over last night. They saw my guitars and asked if I played. I played and sang House of the Rising Sun on my electric and Fast Car on my acoustic. I am thrilled to say that I had no problem playing and singing both songs and although I had a few butterflies, when I placed my first hand position the slow practice and continuous contact with the guitar paid off and I was calm and relaxed throughout the rest of the song.

Considering a few months ago I struggled with simple 3 chord strumming songs, to play flat-pick and finger style confidently for others is a huge milestone!

Stacey Welu  //  Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas


I have struggled for years trying to learn left hand placement, and the mechanics of the various chord changes, but alone this is nearly impossible.

Everything Jamie describes is what I am experiencing, from having a bad teacher to trying to teach myself. I watched videos of teachers saying "Watch me play it, now you do it." They never tell you the real mechanics of how the fingers must work. This is what is missing from everyone else’s lessons. I think I just found my inspiration again!

David Falgout  //  InTouch Engineer Schlumberger Rosharon Campus

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