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Jamie Andreas

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Taking lessons directly from Jamie would make your guitar learning experience more exciting, fruitful and worth it!

Here are 4 Key Areas Jamie Focuses with her Students:

  • Show students how to practice correctly for effective results from time spent.
  • Teach students how to solve specific technical problems they are having, such as troubles with speed, strumming, accuracy, chord changes, etc.
  • Organize students practice to fit their level and goals, making sure all key areas are covered.
  • Develop students as a musician, making sure the student has the emotional involvement with their music that a musician must have, as well as the mental understanding of the music they are playing.

I invite anyone and everyone, regardless of level or style, to come to me for lessons and fulfill your guitar playing dreams. It's always been a great pleasure for me to lead lovers of the guitar to the fulfillment of their dreams with the instrument. In fact, The Principles came into being because of my lifelong commitment to make it possible for anyone to play the guitar who sincerely wants to.

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Jamie Andreas - Instructor

Author of "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

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What Students Say


I have struggled for years trying to learn left hand placement, and the mechanics of the various chord changes, but alone this is nearly impossible.

Everything Jamie describes is what I am experiencing, from having a bad teacher to trying to teach myself. I watched videos of teachers saying "Watch me play it, now you do it." They never tell you the real mechanics of how the fingers must work. This is what is missing from everyone else’s lessons. I think I just found my inspiration again!

David Falgout  //  InTouch Engineer Schlumberger Rosharon Campus


I took a few group lessons. I started feeling that I was attempting to play way beyond my ability. The number of complicated techniques boggled my mind and frustrated my fingers. My right shoulder kept aching so much that I would have to stop playing and rub it.

The Principles explained many things about playing guitar that I had not noticed or knew to be on the lookout for. I have looked at many guitar instruction books, and this is the only one that really addresses where to be within your body in order to become a musician.

That rushing, frenzied, frustrated feeling in practice is gone now. Also, I was in pain before and I am not anymore. The "Principles" have helped me redefine and rediscover success in my playing and practicing."

Andy Guss  

Guitar Zero


In 2012 Jamie Andreas was interviewed by Dr. Gary Marcus for his upcoming book on the science of how people learn guitar. Also interviewed were jazz legend Pat Martino and Tom Morello from "Rage Against The Machine".

"A teacher who impressed me immensely, and who takes a very different approach, was Jamie Andreas. Jamie is one of the few teachers who seems interested in the relationship between muscle and brain, and how to use one’s body efficiently. Swim coaches and golf teachers consider such questions all the time, but it’s decidedly rare in the field of music instruction.

Guitar Zero  //  Penguin Pres


The mind is a powerful practice tool, but first, the mind needs to have the right information. This information is found in “The Principles Of Correct Practice for Guitar” and other publications by Jamie Andreas. I’ve been using them for over five years now and know that this system works. Thank-you, Jamie!

Kathy Black  //  Retired Educator - Guitar Student

Stacey - Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas


Jamie, I just want to say Thank You for your practice method and teaching guidance!

We had new friends over last night. They saw my guitars and asked if I played. I played and sang House of the Rising Sun on my electric and Fast Car on my acoustic. I am thrilled to say that I had no problem playing and singing both songs and although I had a few butterflies, when I placed my first hand position the slow practice and continuous contact with the guitar paid off and I was calm and relaxed throughout the rest of the song.

Considering a few months ago I struggled with simple 3 chord strumming songs, to play flat-pick and finger style confidently for others is a huge milestone!

Stacey Welu  //  Retired Business Owner - Guitar Student


Thank you. Just started "The Principles". It's changing everything for me, and increasing my happiness because I now have confidence I can do this!

Rusty Farrell  //  Guitar Principles Student

Thanks Jamie, you rock. When I first started playing I thought you were to technical I don't see anyone else explaining things like you do. So I wouldn't follow your suggestions, then after struggling and struggling I started watching your videos again. I guess I'm hard headed.

Norvell Burton  //  Guitar Player