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      Playing the guitar is the reward we receive for the practice we do...

When you watch someone play, you are not only hearing the music they are making, you are also seeing the nature of their relationship with music itself. You are seeing the results of every moment they have spent with the guitar, and every feeling they have about themselves, and their music.

​-- Jamie Andreas

Learning With Jamie

The fastest and surest way to succeed on playing guitar is to take lessons directly from Jamie. She is famous for her ability to watch a student play, and immediately diagnose the reason for a students's difficulty, no matter what style of guitar. Better yet, she knows exactly what the student must do to solve that problem.

My goal with every person I teach is to empower them. I want them to learn what it really takes to be a good guitar player and a good musician. I want them to go through the rest of their lives, even long after they are no longer directly taking lessons with me, and have the power to keep getting better on guitar. 

Nothing makes me happier than to hear from a former student, and have them tell me how happy and fulfilled they feel as they continue their lifelong journey with the guitar. 

Kathy Black  // Studied with Jamie 2012-2017

...it was because I had taken guitar lessons from you. I was very proud of both of us at that moment.

Hi Jamie,I have been thinking about you recently so just thought I would send off a short email.

I play bass in our ukulele group, I decided to take some lessons to learn how to play more creative bass lines. I found an instructor five minutes from where I live.

He actually uses your resources for technique for bass players. Can you believe it? I was really thrilled to hear that. I told him I took lessons from you and he was certainly impressed about that. But what I really want to tell you is that when he had me play my bass, he looked at me and said my technique was impeccable. And then he repeated it. We both knew that it was because I had taken guitar lessons from you. I was very proud of both of us at that moment.

Your practice techniques have stuck with me and I often can hear your words in my ear as I practice. Take care, Jamie.


I give every student 100% of my attention. In some ways, every student is the same. Everyone needs clear guidance on how practice and how to develop skill in their hands. 

Every student is different in where they are coming from , and where they need to go to find fulfillment as a guitar player and musician.

I take great pleasure in giving them what they need at the moment, and guiding them into their best future as a guitar player and musician. 

Webcam Lessons

Webcam lessons with Jamie are 40 minutes each. She will address your specific needs to reach your next level of playing ability and all lessons are tailored to your goals as a guitarist. You will be overall evaluated, and given instructions on what you need to do next to overcome the greatest technical obstacles that you presently have.

  • Instructor: Jamie Andreas
  • Duration: 40 min. Lesson
  • Schedule: Mon.-Thurs. & Sat. all time zones.
  • Language: English

My Online Classroom

Study with me personally in my classroom at TrueFire.com

All study materials provided, including the priceless "Principles Foundation Training".

You send me videos of your practice, I send you a "mini-lesson" tailored exactly to you at the moment.

Progress is guaranteed!

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In Person Lesson in Las Vegas

A lot of things you do in Las Vegas could be a gamble. But if you come here to take a lesson with Jamie, your guitar playing will surely hit the jackpot!

  • Meet Jamie in person and change your guitar playing life forever.
  • The quickest, surest, and most powerful way to reach your guitar playing dreams!