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Learning Guitar With Jamie Andreas

Webcam Lessons

40 min Private Lesson

Completely tailored to you

You get lesson recording

Weekly Class

A live weekly class where you will be part of a group making real progress under Jamie's guidance. 

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24/7 Personal Trainer

A direct line to Jamie, 24/7. Any time you have a problem or question, Jamie sends you a video replay with specific instructions on how to solve your guitar problem. 

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In Person Lesson

Visiting Las Vegas?

Taking a guitar lesson with Jamie is the surest bet you can make!  

The fastest and surest way to succeed on playing guitar is to take lessons directly from Jamie. She is famous for her ability to watch a student play, and immediately diagnose the reason for a students' difficulty, no matter what style of guitar. Better yet, she knows exactly what you must do to solve that problem.

I give every student the 2 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS a guitar player must have: 

  1. Special Exercises that give the student pro level finger ability. 
  2. Knowledge of How to Train the Fingers: You will finally start getting better every time you practice!

For Those Who Want To Make Progress As Fast As Possible

Nothing is as effective as getting the secrets of great playing directly from Jamie. Whether you are just starting to learn guitar, or have played for years but want to get better, lessons with Jamie will be a revelation to you. 

Webcam lessons with Jamie are 40 minutes each. She will address your specific needs to reach your next level of playing ability and all lessons are tailored to your goals as a guitarist. You will be overall evaluated, and given instructions on what you need to do next to overcome the greatest technical obstacles that you presently have.


Get The Foundation Training You Need In A Live Class

Class is weekly, every Saturday 9:30 -10:30am Pacific Time
Students have access to a recording of each class. If you miss the class you can view the recording at any time 

  • A live, online weekly class covering the basics of "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar".

  • All students will be guided to the completion of the Foundation Training from "The Principles".

  • Jamie will check YOUR fingers, and make sure you are doing everything correctly.
  • $49.95//mo

    My Online Classroom

    Study with me personally in my classroom at

    All study materials provided, including the priceless "The Principles Foundation Training".

    You send me videos of your practice, I send you a "mini-lesson" tailored exactly to you at the moment. Does not include live lesson time. Practice and make progress on your schedule. 

    Progress is guaranteed!

    Watch This Video For More Information...


    In Person Lesson

    in Las Vegas

    I give every student 100% of my attention. In some ways, every student is the same. Everyone needs clear guidance on how practice and how to develop skill in their hands. 

    Every student is different in where they are coming from , and where they need to go to find fulfillment as a guitar player and musician.

    I take great pleasure in giving them what they need at the moment, and guiding them into their best future as a guitar player and musician. 

    A lot of things you do in Las Vegas could be a gamble. But if you come here to take a lesson with Jamie, your guitar playing will surely hit the jackpot!

    • Meet Jamie in person and change your guitar playing life forever.
    • The quickest, surest, and most powerful way to reach your guitar playing dreams!