How to Play Series #2: Stairway To Heaven - Note by Note

There is simply no other course out there like this one!
Stairway to Heaven was one of those songs that I've wanted to play ever since I first picked up the guitar. I recently finished the course and I was able to play the entire song, including the solo. It is a very long and complex song, so it did take some time to accomplish, but it was well worth the effort. Jamie's detailed instructions made the entire process not only understandable, but enjoyable. Every single note of the song is thoroughly explained, from the first to the last, with pictures, detailed instructions, videos, and audio examples for you to use along the way. You'll not only learn to play Stairway, you'll learn and master techniques that will make you a better guitar player, period.

In order to receive the full benefit from this course, I would also recommend the book, "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar", and the DVD for the "Rock & Blues Foundation" course. The book will provide you with all the tools you need to learn and master the material in this course and the R&B Foundation provides you with everything you need to know to tackle that solo.

Christian Russo, 11/24/2010
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