Rock & Blues Electric Guitar Foundation Course

None of my guitar instructors and none of the countless DVDs that I have purchased over the last 7 years have really taught me to bend strings. That sounds ridiculous and it is, but it's the truth.

Are you tired of paying some guy $50/hour to tell you that your solos are lame, I'm tired of that type of teaching. Skip your next lesson with your local instructor and check this material out if this is your situation.

This DVD will teach you how to bend strings musically. This DVD is full of excellent instruction that is really practical and useful.

The bending really got me though. I'm now looking forward to taking my next lesson from my local guitar teacher, when he gloats about how he taught me to solo so well, I can mention this DVD as the source of the real learning. I highly recommend this product and would trade a huge stack of instructional DVDs and books for it.

Thanks Jamie.


Shaune San Cartier, 12/08/2010
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