The Principles E-Book

This book will help you get started on the guitar whether you are new to the instrument or just looking to improve technique. It is also a language around which you can get a handle on how great players - or any player is able to produce technical improvements and how they approach the instrument.The Principles is a book that has many ways to say the unsaid - the how to, the feel of the exercise, the approach, the focus, the things to be aware of. It also links these experiences together so that as you get one thing right, you start to realize that your approach can continue to serve you throughout your life as a guitar player. What more could you ask for from a guitar instruction book?
For me, I know I would have abandoned the guitar without this book. $30 was the difference between exploring the instrument I love and abandoning it out of frustration! Make the purchase, you wont regret it.

Vincent Burke, 01/04/2011
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