The Principles E-Book

I have stacks of books dating back to the early 70's on music and guitar instruction, but this book "The Principles of Correct Practice for the Guitar" is far and away the absolutely best guitar instruction book I have ever owned. This is the book that will teach you how to use all your other books. I first bought the book many years ago and kind of ho-hummed as I read through it. Then I threw it on top of the stack of all my other guitar books and there it sat. Months later, (it may have even been a year or two) I found myself in the pits of frustration and at a hellacious sticking point. My playing had improved only marginally and I could see no way out. with my motivation shot, I began thumbing through my stacks of books. When I got to this one I decided to pull it out and maybe even give Jamies methods a try and see what happened. Well, this meant to actually DO the exercises recommended, in a conscientious manner and exactly as instructed. In desperation I decided to do so and thank God I did! Once I began to actually DO the exercises in a strict manner I got immediate results as I began to unlearn bad habits and dissolve ingrained knots of tension that previously I didn't even know existed. I give this book my highest recommendation. As other reviewers have said, and I totally concur, this is a book that must be USED, and not merely read. There is a gold mine of information in the book that I never realized until I began to put the "principals" to work in a religous and exacting manner. As soon as I put it to USE my playing abilities began to soar and flower in ways I could never have imagined, and it continues to this very day. Any sticking point I find myself in these days becomes an exciting adventure in discovery. A couple years ago I had to purchase another copy because that old original I had became so "dog eared" with pages falling out that it was basically destroyed. This book is a classic in the truest sense of the word and I am convinced that guitar players for generations to come will heap praises on jamie for publishing this innovative and ground breaking work. I can see NO possible reason for a negative review other than #1 They ARE Dave Gilmour (no offense to dave) or #2 because the book was perused and not USED. Hats off Jamie! Great job!!!

Michael Fisher, 10/09/2014
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