10 Years of Guitar Lessons...but
The Guitar Felt Like A
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Chris Devine guitar student of Jamie Andreas

The Best Guitar Teacher You Will Ever Find!

I've spent my whole career in higher education, and I know good teaching when I see it.

That's why I can say that Jamie Andreas is a great teacher. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the mechanics of guitar playing, the ability to see problems in technique that others either miss or don't understand and a genuine desire to have her students learn and progress.

For ten years, I studied the guitar on my own using a variety of DVD and internet resources, and despite working diligently - sometimes practicing two to three hours a day - I could never get my instrument to sound the way I wanted it to sound.

Intuitively I knew that the problem was my imperfect technique. I tried to fix it...but I couldn't. That was when I started taking classes with Jamie, and now I am sure that I am going to reach my goals.

Don't waste a decade like I did. Believe me. If you want to play the guitar, Jamie's classes are the way.


Watch Chris Play...

Chris has been through Guitar Principles "Guitar Bootcamp" (Stage 1 Training), where he learned how to practice correctly. He also put the fundamental skills a guitar player needs into his fingers.

Now, he makes steady progress in Guitar Principles Stage 2 Class - "Scales, Chords and Style". He is learning all the fundamentals that a guitar player needs to succeed. 

Bass Runs & Chords in A major

Now Chris has control of his fingers and can make real music!

How Did Chris Finally Start Making REAL Progress On Guitar?

He learned these special methods and exercises ONLY taught in the Guitar Principles "Bootcamp".


You have struggled with guitar because you always practice too fast, period. You have never been taught how slowly you need to move your fingers in order for them to learn movements and do them easily, with pro-level relaxation. 

You will be shown exactly how to do that.

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method: The basic practice approach

This will totally transform your guitar practice. A step by step method you will use to train your fingers to do whatever you want them to do. The Basic Practice Approach will enable you to master any musical passage you practice. 

The secret: the gradual increase of speed as you move from super slow to super fast. The many correct repetitions that you will learn how to do will bring you results you never dreamed possible. 

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the foundation exercises

Your fingers have never learned the basic and simple movements that make up all more complex movements on guitar. That is why you have never really felt comfortable playing the guitar. 

The "Foundation Exercises" you get in "The Beginners Package" will give your fingers the skills that all guitar players need, and that you have been missing for so long.

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YOU Can Start Making REAL Progress On Guitar, Just Like Chris.

Get the foundation of technique EVERY guitar player needs. 

Join my "Stage 1 Guitar Bootcamp"!

Get the foundation you are missing... from the Master herself!

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