February 27, 2019

The Foundation Exercises

For Guitar

All techniques on guitar are based on a small set of foundational skills. These skills underlie all guitar technique. Most guitar students don't have these skills. Here they are.

Can Your Fingers Do THIS On Guitar?

If you can't do these fundamental movements you will have trouble playing well and getting better... 

The reason so many guitar students struggle to play the music they practice is really simple: they have never learned the fundamental skills that underlie all guitar ability. Practicing music you like, practicing scales, chords, and the music your teacher gives you, will not give you these fundamental skills. 

Practicing and playing music will require that these skills are already in place.

The knowledge and exercises that any guitar player needs are contained in "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". The exercises are called "The Foundation Exercises".

 Again, it is very simple: if you can't do these exercises, and play them easily and well, you will have trouble with everything you play. It is just like saying "If your legs are crippled, you will have trouble walking everywhere you want to go.". 

Compared to the finger action of the 3 students below, who learned The Foundation Exercises and demonstrate them, most guitar students do have fingers that are crippled, either greatly or to some degree. That is the bad news. The good news is that anyone can get rid of all bad habits, develop fingers that can walk, run, and play music easily!

Watch these students who taught their fingers to walk, run, and play music!

Here is how you can get "The Principles" working for you....

Sounds good, but I want to know more......

The Guitar Success Series

... What You Don't Know About Learning Guitar!

My "Guitar Success Series" is a powerful collection of 6 guitar lessons that will show you WHY most guitar players have trouble learning guitar, and HOW you can get past these problems that prevent success on guitar.

You will learn the importance of things you never even heard about, yet are critical to  learning guitar! 

This series is Free...but the information is priceless!

I'm ready to transform my fingers and my guitar playing right now!

Get The "Principles" Book & DVD

Get the complete, powerful training that gives you the real foundation of great guitar playing. 

"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" book & dvd will guide you, step by step, through the series of Foundation Exercises that are essential to getting relaxed control of your fingers. 

You will also learn the powerful secrets of how to practice correctly, for maximum results every time. 


I Know Jamie Can Help Me, I want to quickstart this process!

Book a Private Session With Jamie

Jamie has the amazing ability to watch any guitar player, beginner or advanced, and know immediately what they need to do to improve their playing. 

She can observe your fingers playing any music you have trouble playing, and tell you exactly what to do to master the troublesome passage. 

When you take a private lesson with Jamie, you will learn the answer to any problem or question you have. Jamie will tell you, show you, and best of all, guide you through the practice routines and methods you can start using right away, to get better on guitar than you have ever been!

David Pike

Guitarist - Performer

Folks, it’s absolutely true that Jamie is the only instructor who teaches the physical ability to play guitar. Except for those teachers who are wise enough to use Jamie’s method, I suppose.

I look around at the state of instruction for guitar, and I only find one person out of all guitar educators, who bases instruction on the science of producing sound, the biomechanics of doing it, and the neurology of learning to do it well.  Jamie Andreas, of course.  

I just don't understand how out of 7 billion of us, only one has recognized the need to understand how our bodies and brains work, and how to apply that to playing and teaching guitar.......David Pike, guitarist

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