Weekly Online Class!

Scales, Chords & Style

  • We trained our fingers for relaxed control by mastering THE FOUNDATION EXERCISES in "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". 
    Now we use our new abilities to learn real music!


  • How to change chords easily and in time
  • How to play scales perfectly, with relaxation  and control
  • How to play fingerpicking patterns with ease
  • How to learn a song and play it all way through
  • Real Music in these styles: Blues, Acoustic/Folk, Classical, Fingerstyle Blues

Jamie Andreas - Instructor

Author of "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

In Stage 2 we use our new finger abilities to learn real music in a variety of styles. We learn how to change chords easily and how to use the pick and fingers for more complex music.

These Students Used Their Stage 1 Training To Play Real Music In Many Styles

Steph: Stage 2 Student

""Changing Chords Smoothly"

In Stage 2 we use our newly trained fingers to learn chord changes. We learn to play our chords smoothly from one to another without breaking down. This is essential for actually playing songs. 

Nikhil: Stage 2 Student

""Alternate Bass & Bass Runs"

Nikhil learned how to mix chords with bass notes for a more interesting accompaniment than merely strumming chords. 

Nate: Stage 2 Student 

"Finger Picking Chords"

Stage 2 Training enabled Nate to fingerpick a complex pattern while playing the chords to this classic song. 

Nathalie: Stage 2 Student

""Classical Prelude in Am"

Many students struggle to play classical guitar because it is such a demanding style of guitar. When we have Stage 1 Training it is easy to begin to play music in this beautiful style.   

Nate: Stage 2 Student

""Fingerstyle Blues Solo"

Fingerstyle blues is simply fun to play! We learn how to mute bass strings with our thumb while our fingers play blues licks.

Henderson: Stage 2 Student 

"2nd Position G Major Scales"

Correct practice of scales does more for our finger skills on guitar than any other exercise. In Stage 2 we learn how to master a scale. Then we know how to master any scale. 

In Stage 2 ​​​​We Learn...

Complete Songs and Pieces

Knowing how to practice a song or piece of music so that we really learn to play the whole thing through, without breaking down, is a science in itself.

Many students play for years, but can never play anything really well. That stops here. Now you have begun to develop well trained fingers from Stage 1 AND you know how to do correct practice.

In Stage 2, we apply your new skills to learning real music in many styles of guitar.

Further Left Hand Development

In Stage 1 you mastered the essential left hand finger combinations. We take this further and learn how to master an entire scale. You will practice methods to master one scale, and apply those methods to all other scales. 

Your left hand will play real music, and move faster and easier than ever before.

Pickstyle: Shuffle, Strums, Scales & Bass Runs, Blues/Rock Solos

With the excellent control of the pick that we developed in Stage 1, we now use the pick to play songs, strums, blues shuffle patterns, scales and chords with bass runs. 

We learn the essential blues/rock scales and how to correctly bend a string. This prepares you to go deeper into playing blues/rock on electric guitar. ​​

It's fun!

Fingerstyle: Blues Solo, Classical Prelude &  Fingerpicking Patterns

In Stage 1, we learned the correct way to train and use our right hand fingers. We began the process of establishing real independent control of each finger. 

The value of this cannot be overstated, as many players struggle for years to control their fingers in fingerstyle playing. 

In Stage 2, we learn a classical piece, a blues solo, and how to fingerpick various patterns on chords as we do songs.

Class is weekly, every Saturday 10:30 -11:30am Pacific Time
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What We Cover In This Course...

  • 3 Finger Left Hand Combinations
  • Mastery of the 2nd Position G Major Scale
  • Music Theory & The Circle of 5ths
  • Combining Scales & Chords
  • First Position Chords & Scales
  • Blues Progressions & Bass Runs 
  • Classical Prelude in A minor
  • The Fingerstyle Blues Right Hand Position
  • Fingerstyle Blues Basics & Solo
  • The Rock & Blues Scale in Open Postion
  • The Rock & Blues Scale in Movable Position
  • Basic Rock & Blues Licks
  •  How To Bend Strings Correctly
  • How To Play A Rock/Blues Solo