June 23, 2019

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How To Make Sure Your Fingers Do The Right Thing

At this point, we know two very important things about practicing guitar effectively.

  1. 1
    Our fingers remember whatever they do, but they don’t know the difference between the right thing and the wrong thing. 
  2. 2
    When we practice, it is our job to make sure they do the right thing.

How do we make sure the fingers do the right thing? To make sure our fingers do the right thing when we practice, we must use No Tempo Practice:

No Tempo practice is the most powerful method for training our fingers to make movements on the guitar. It has 3 parts. To do No Tempo Practice we must:

  1. 1
    Move our fingers super slow, with no beat. Each finger should take at least 3 to 5 seconds to move to its destination.
  2. 2
    Watch our fingers closely as they move. If you have been given the advice “Don’t look at your fingers”, it is time to realize that this advice is dead wrong, no matter who said it, or how well they play. 
  3. 3
    Pay absolute attention to your whole body and your breathing as you make each finger movement. You whole body will tense with each finger movement you make, and if you do not feel this tension and relax it, your fingers will never be able to move with relaxation and control.

If you can learn to do these 3 things, really do them, every time you practice, you will be able to build professional level skill into your fingers. That means you will be able to make real music!

I really want you to start doing correct practice, but there is something else that we need to talk about first – what should you practice?

What Should Your Fingers Be Able To Do First On Guitar?

Before a person can go anywhere, there is one thing they must be able to do - walk! 

Fortunately, most of us get learn that skill early on. We learn to stand up, take a step, then another and another. Before we know it, we are running, Unfortunately, when it comes to guitar, our fingers never learn to walk properly, but we ask them to run almost right from the start!

We try to play scales, fast runs and licks, or change chords fast enough to do a song. But our fingers will never do these things comfortably until they can simply walk easily on the strings. 

How Do I Know If My Fingers Can Walk?

That's simple. Watch this video "Can Your Fingers Do This On Guitar"

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